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Will 400-500 Cc's of Fat Transfer to my Butt Be Enough for my Bbl? (photo)

I'm scheduled for bbl but my surgeon estimates he could only transfer 400-500 cc's to each cheek since I had a TT last year and don't have as much fat... READ MORE

400cc Enough for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm getting BBL done and my Dr. said he could only transfer 400cc because of the shape/size of my butt cheeks. Is this too small? READ MORE

Will diet pills attack the fat transferred after a BBL?

I was taking before my surgery. I am now 6 weeks post op....and would like to go back to my diet and exercise routine and yes, diet pills where in my... READ MORE

Will 400 Cc of Fat Transfer to my Buttocks Make a Difference? (photo)

I've had a couple of consultation and one surgeon said that I am NOT a candidate for a Brazilian butt* lift or a tummy tuck the other two said I'm a... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a BBL? I'm 163 lbs and 5'7". I want 1000cc in each cheek and 400 in my hips. (Photo)

I am 163 lbs and 5"7.i am considering having my bbl done in dec of this concern is if I have enough of fat to get the result that I am... READ MORE

Enough fat for BBL? For this result (picture). BA? 400cc? Or more? (photos)

Dear reader, Question, i want a BBL and my wish is a decent but round butt. Do i have enough fat to transfer? How much CC do i need per cheek if i... READ MORE

Will 400cc be enough for a brazilian butt lift?

My dr told me he can inject 400cc in each butt check I want projection I'm not flat to begin with I'm 5'6 150 pounds most of my fat grows in my... READ MORE

Would I notice a huge difference if I transfer 400cc of fat at into each of my buttocks? (Photo)

Was told by a surgeon my buttocks would probably only take about 400cc, since my buttocks is small. Am looking to achieve a big bubble butt and not... READ MORE

Will 400-500 cc make a difference in my butt shape? (photos)

I went to a consult today and the PS told me that I had some soft fat on my lower belly that doesn't work good as the harder fat on my flanks, lower... READ MORE

Second Butt Lift: Dr. Was Only Able to Get 400 CC Before It Came out of the Incision

This was the same problem as my first procedure. Was there a way he could have stretched the skin to get more in. He extracted much more but couldnt... READ MORE

How much fat can be removed during a BBL? (Photo)

Hello, am 19 years old, planing to get a fat transfer BBL. doctor said he can only put up to 300 - 400 cc on each cheek and then come back after 6... READ MORE

I want to get fat transfer with butt implants. Could I get round 400cc instead of oval? I want a big bubble butt (Photo)

I think my butt is long and short. If i get fat transfer will that be enough to cover up any areas that could show if I get the Round butt implants? READ MORE

Had BBL yesterday & they said that they'll order compression garment in time for my 1 week check up. Is this normal?

Just wondering if that's normal I've always heard that you have compression garment on immediately after surgery. The dr took out 3 liters of fat(... READ MORE

I'm having a BBL next week. At my post op my Doc said he will only put about 400 cc's in each cheek. This seems low (Photo)

His before and after pictures look good but now I'm second guessing the whole procedure. I'm 5'7, weigh between 135-140 (because he asked me to gain... READ MORE

I live in the Los Angeles, California USA area and seeking quotes: Currently on a really tight budget?

*Full body Lipo * Buttock augmentation (Brazilian buttock lift) via fat transfer* (400 to 600cc) per butt side using the maximum amount of fat... READ MORE

I have a BBL scheduled. How many CC do you think I could go to achieve a good results? (Photo)

I had my last consult with surgeon today for a tummy tuck and BBL. He is harvesting the fat from my flanks and injecting it into my butt. He said he... READ MORE

When it will stop shrinking? When will you recommend I get back to the gym and do buttocks excercises? Or hard workout? (Photo)

I was 128 I have dents in hips, would like wider round hips. 1st day was rough, 2nd i went for a walk, 3rd day I was up and going, but still rested... READ MORE

I got a Brazilian butt lift July 25th. I am 5 foot 120 pounds. I had a little fat in my stomach, doctor said he got 400 ccs

The day after my surgery I took some pictures and I love the way my butt looked but now I feel like I lost 70 percent of my butt and it looks like I... READ MORE

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