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When Does Most of the Fat Absorb After Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

I had fat transfer almost 2 months ago and although none of the fat has really abosrbed im wondering when i can know for sure that the fat took READ MORE

My Buttocks Feel Sore After Brazilian Buttlift?

I have a Brazilian buttlift on (April 18 2012). I am feeling a sore pain in both buttocks; and i am still scared to sleep on my back.Is thi issue a... READ MORE

I Had a Buttock Fat Transfer Infection That Was Treated. Now I Feel Another Bump

I had a buttock fat transfer two months ago and developed an infection on my left side my Doctor treated it for three weeks with antibiotics and... READ MORE

8wks Post Op with Uneven Tummy Lipo, Uneven Hips/waist, Seroma Scarring. Can His Be Fixed? (photo)

Iam 8 weeks post op and my tummy appears to be lipoed unevenly. I still have swelling but it is clearly evident that the lower abdomen was lipoed... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Start Feeling Soreness on One Side of my Butt After 2months of Having a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I had a brazilin butt lift done 2 months ago and today 4-8-2012 ive been very sore lower bottom left side cheek is this normal ive added a picture of... READ MORE

Can I Still Have Swelling at 2 Months Post-BBL?

I had a brazilian butt lift on july 28, and had my stomach,flanks, back,knee,and whole thigh. I have a soft mushly feeling and wanted to know if that... READ MORE

Does It Serve Any Purpose to Use Foam Now 7 Weeks After BBL for Skin Re-attachment?

I'm 7 weeks post BBL. I've had trouble with garments& have wore them on and off. Im still swollen & my skin is "looking"... READ MORE

How to help shape my butt after fat grafting - 2 months post op? (photo)

2 months post op (TT, BA and Fat grafting to hips and butt) my butt hasnt been completely round for a few weeks now, I blame it on the constant... READ MORE

28 y/o female with no medical history or prior surgery. What is causing abscesses after Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I had liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks on April 5th 2014. Approximately 1 1/2 month later I noticed 2 hard lumps and called the office... READ MORE

What exactly is the "fluff stage" after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

I am 2 months in BBL post op and I love it. But today it looks smaller. I have been told there will be a stage where my butt starts to look smaller ,... READ MORE

Would a 2 Hr Drive Compromise My Results 7-8 Weeks Post BBL?

I'm 17 days post op & I have driven ONCE. It was extremely uncomfortable & I ended up almost standing up while driving (pressure on left leg,... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift 9 weeks post op, 1 cheek keeps swelling, even after aspirations & antibiotics. Should I be worried? (photos)

BBL-9 weeks post Op, right side super swollen, inflammation, Dr. keeps giving me antibiotics, he already aspirated 10 thick syringes of unabsorbed fat... READ MORE

I Am Very Disappointed with my Results. No Results? (photo)

I did my surgery 7 week ago, and the doctor said that he put me 180cc in each side, that was all the fat that he take off from, and you can see in the... READ MORE

I'm 2 months post op with built up scar tissue and hardened fat, any advice?

Hi, thank you in advance for responding. I'm 2 months post op from my first BBL surgery and I'm schedule for round two bbl in two months. My surgeon... READ MORE

Developed an Infected Pimple Right Above my Butt Crack Post-Op BBL, Why Would This Be? On Antibiotics.

I had a brazilian butt lift about two months ago and I started to get a pimple right above my butt crack and it got bigger until it bursted. I have a... READ MORE

Can I Do Butt Exercises Post BBL to Build Muscle Prevent Sagging and Make Butt Bigger?

I had a bbl 7 weeks ago. Very happy with results and now I am thinking long term Can I do butt exercises now to increase the size of the muscle to... READ MORE

Can My BBL Fat Transfer Go To My Thighs? (Photo)

I had my BBL on May 16, 2013, and I'm 6 wks post-op & my thighs have gotten bigger. Is this the fat that belongs to my booty? READ MORE

I had a Brazilian butt lift 2 months ago and now have 2 lumps on left butt cheeks. Is this normal? (photos)

Last Monday it looked like I had a small bruise on my left butt cheek. Like an idiot I started massaging both my butt checks because they are very... READ MORE

No Roundness Outcome in BBL? (photo)

I didn't get the roundness I was looking for from my BBL. I see many women right after surgery have round butts. I asked my surgeon he said to give it... READ MORE

What Exercises Are Best to Loose 40 Pounds Two Months After a Brazilian Butt Lift? Thanks

I am 5'4 used to weigh 214. Lost 80 pounds with diet and exercise. Got a tummy tuck and breast lift. Maintained 135 for about a year, then gained... READ MORE

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