Necrosis + Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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How long should I wait to have a BBL revision? I still have pain and what are the chances that it might happen again? (Photo)

Had a BBL done March 2015 and developed Fat Necrosis which had to be surgically removed. I was left with a deformity. The doctor wants to do a... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Revision? Have a 4cm Knot of Either Scar Tissue or Necrosis that Needs to Be Removed?

I am having a hard time finding a board certified physician that specializes in BBL. I have a 4cm knot of either scar tissue or necrosis that needs to... READ MORE

Fat necrosis, after a BBL?

What is the best treatment and or remedy for a hard lump subsequent to a bbl revision ?? The lump feels like a small golf ball. By looking at it you... READ MORE

What are the complications with bbl and how often does it happen?

Hello Dr.s! I've been researching the bbl for quiet some time now and I don't know If I'm just reading too much into it and over thinking it. But can... READ MORE

Had necrosis after BBL. Now 5 months post, will I be able to get a revision? (photos)

Per my pics day after bbl a lady at Wal-Mart hit me with her cart on my left cheek which created necrosis I am now recovered however need a revision!... READ MORE

Cellulitis, staph and necrotic skin! What can I expect to happen? How bad does it look? Is it reversible? (photos)

Had a BBL revision 3 wks ago for dents. I developed cellulitis from Staph. Ive been to the ER twice and theyre very vague about it. They told me the... READ MORE

Am I at risk of having seroma or necrosis after a 2nd round of Smart Lipo & BBL (it's been 2yrs)?

I had smart lipo and bbl 2 yrs ago by Dr. WINDELL BOUTTE. I love her n her staff. Her work was wonderful. . I'm planning on a 2nd round of both smart... READ MORE

Fat necrosis ? BBL?

I have fat necrosis from a bbl in 2014 and am looking for a solution it is making my but have a flat look when turned to the side it is close to the... READ MORE

Is 7 months after a BBL a good time for a revision when there's been lumps from fat necrosis or scar tissue?

I had a BBL, and after 5 weeks oily fluid came out of an incision on one side. Then a couple of areas on that side got hard, and after a while I could... READ MORE

Can a specialist reshape my buttocks? After fat necrosis, is it possible to go back having a round full juicy booty? (Photo)

I had fat necrosis removed 8/19/16 I don't think it was fully removed I still feel some hardness but majority was removed the mass was very humongous.... READ MORE

Can I get a BBL revision if I have fat necrosis. (photo)

I have Fat necrosis from a previous BBL, is it okay if I want another BBL to help it out. READ MORE

Can a BBL correct fat necrosis from a previous BBL? (Photo)

I had a bbl a month ago and I believe I have fat necrosis. If it is determined that this is what it is, can I have another bbl to correct the problem? READ MORE

Can I have a BBL revision after a first BBL if I have a fat necrosis?

I have a fat necrosis on my left butt cheek ! I can feel the lump when I touch but I dont feel pain or anything. Its been 3 years since my first... READ MORE

Can necrosis/scar tissue removal and BBL be done at the same time? (Photos)

I am 14 months post op BBL. I developed fat necrosis on both sides but the left is worse. Is it possible to remove the fat necrosis/scar tissue AND... READ MORE

How to correct my botched booty?

I have developed fat necrosis. Do I have to get it taken out before adding more fat? And if I do, would it be two different procedures or could it all... READ MORE

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