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Problems After Orthodontic Treatment

I had my braces removed in May. My orthodontist left me with a horrible bite where my front teeth are hitting and my back teeth are not touching.... READ MORE

What Do You Recommend for Me? I'm Unhappy With My First Round of Braces.

I just got off braces and getting an all ceramic crown for that front tooth you see. I currently have a temporary crown which sucks badly. I feel like... READ MORE

My Smile is Not Forming the Way I Thought It Would by Now Having Braces, Will They Improve? (photo)

Had braces put on my top teeth the end of October and was told that I only need top for 6 months. Had 2 tightenings the first tightening was with the... READ MORE

Not happy with teeth after braces. What do you think? (Photo)

I kept losing my retainers (yep I'm an idiot) I think the overbite is quite bad and I'm not happy with my teeth. I am being quite fussy! What do you... READ MORE

Teeth Back to Pre-braces, Tried Veneers Too. What More Should I Do?

Dear Doctor, I really need unbiased advice on what I should now do. I had: Narrow palate/teeth, and lateral incisors which were "pushed in"... READ MORE

What can I do to fix this? (Photo)

I had braces and I just recently took them off. When I smile I notice more and more that my smile is not in place in some pictures it's more noticed... READ MORE

Is there something I can do to fix my gummy smile? (photos)

I am an 18 year old girl who had braces until age 14. Ever since I had them removed I have been unhappy with my smile, specifically my gummy smile. I... READ MORE

My teeth used to be straight, but after extractions, they don't look as good. What can I do about it? (Photo)

I had incredibly straight teeth for a kid then when my doctor brought me in to talk he said my 4 teeth needed to be extracted which I didn't want but... READ MORE

Will the ortho be able to remove them and replace with metal worth out extra cost?

I just recently got my braces and i wasnt informed that they only put ceramics on top and not bottom. Im unhappy with the ceramics. They feel way more... READ MORE

Really unhappy with final result of Braces , need suggestions. What I should do ? (photos)

BRACES - BEFORE & AFTER I am 30. After 1 year and 2 month of orthodontic treatment i got my braces off today and i am really unhappy with the result ,... READ MORE

Why am I not happy the way my teeth looks after braces? What should I do? (Photo)

What to I have to do after wearing braces over 2.5 years that doesn't look good to me? READ MORE

Will my Teeth Return to Their Original Position (Before Braces) and How Long Will That Take?

I prefered the way my teeth were before i had braces. My bite is worse my teeth are narrower and my face is sunken in. I've just recently had my... READ MORE

What can be done about my teeth?

Braces off about 2 months ago and have bottom and top retainers (out for pic) and I've just realized how unhappy I am with my lower teeth. They aren't... READ MORE

Can I keep my braces on longer if I'm not satisfied with my teeth?

Ive had braces for about 18 months and im still not satisfied with my teeth. at my last appointment the dentist said that i would be getting my braces... READ MORE

Wore Braces for 6 Months with Ceramic Laminates, Don't Like the Look, What can I do Now?

My front middle teeth were one above the other.later corrected by composite laminates.Years later in a beauty pageant a Doc asked me to wear braces... READ MORE

If you are unhappy with how your teeth turned out with braces, could you get braces again from them for no cost?

I had braces for a while and when I got them off I mentioned that my eye tooth wasn't exactly in line with the other teeth and they told me that... READ MORE

Is there a way to reverse previous traditional orthodontic treatment that removed 4 teeth (4/4 and 5/4)?

After 12 months of braces to correct overbite (class 2 malocclusion) I'm extremely unhappy with how I look. I have a sunken in look, wrinkles,... READ MORE

Lateral Incisors still wonky after Braces. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've paid nearly £1000 for braces and I'm coming to the end of my treatment. I'm not happy with the results as my lateral incisors are still crooked. ... READ MORE

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