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Can I Get Braces on my Upper Teeth Only?

I would like to know, can I get braces just on my upper teeth, or should I have it done on my bottom teeth as well? My bottom teeth are okay. READ MORE

Are the brackets properly placed? (Photo)

Maybe I'm just paranoid but by ortho placed them so quickly while chitchatting with the assistant and not paying much attention. I did my research and... READ MORE

Orthodonist didn't tell me what is wrong with my teeth and I need an explanation for my case. Please Help! (photo)

I got my braces yesterday and i see that my bite doesn't seem right. My orthodonist did not give me any elastic bands plus i do not know why they put... READ MORE

Overjet and overbite. Is the bracket placement correct? (Photo)

I had crowding, overbite and overjet. Teeth crowding is fixed but I still have overbite and overjet. My ortho told me she can't fix it anymore. I am... READ MORE

Are my bracket placements correct? (photo)

I have a about 6mm (started with upper crowded teeth and about 3-4 mm overjet) overjet and I am 25 month into my treatment right. Are the bracket... READ MORE

Types of elastics I'm getting. What will they do and where will they be placed?

I'm getting braces next week, also at the same time I'm getting vertical and box elastics for each side along with anterior box elastic. What will... READ MORE

Tooth discoloration right after braces were placed. Is it fixable?

My daughter had braces installed 3 days ago and right after installation you could see cloudy white spots on the teeth that you want to try to remove,... READ MORE

I think my bracket is in the wrong place on my tooth. (Photo)

I have been looking at my braces, and I noticed that on one of my front teet the bracket is a little bit too far to one side. I'm just wondering if it... READ MORE

Can my teeth get back to proper place in a year? (photos)

I consulted my doctor and he said that it will take approx 2 years to get back my teeth at proper place. But constrain is I have to switch my country... READ MORE

How high should braces be placed?

Before putting on the braces my upper central incisors were longer than the laterals. The orthodontist placed the braces at the same level on 3.5mm... READ MORE

Is this the correct placement of teeth for a lower incisor extraction for braces? (photos)

Something seems off. Should I be questioning my orthodontist help please. READ MORE

What can I do about my teeth going back to their original placement before braces because of not wearing retainers?

I had gotten my braces off at the age of 12 with only wearing them for a year. My teeth were actually very bad but the orthodontist insisted that a... READ MORE

I am getting my braces next week and my orthodontist told me that Quadhelix is also required in my case. Placement at 4 months?

However, she told me that she will place the quadhelix thingie after 4 months and I was worried because I thought they were usually installed before... READ MORE

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