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So I need braces but I don't have dental insurance?

I need braces but I dont have dental Insurance. What kind of payment options do I have or what are some recommended dental insurances? READ MORE

Do I have to pay for braces again?

I did the Invisalign treatment and I have gotten my braces off for about 3 months now. I am currently in the retention phase with my retainers.... READ MORE

Will switching providers this early on in my treatment affect costs and time?

I'm paying monthly for metal braces that were put in 3 weeks ago. I want to switch providers because of poor service. One example, deduction from my... READ MORE

How Much Do Braces Cost and What Are the Payment Options?

I was referred to an orthodontist by my dentist to get braces, but I dont know what to expect walking through the orthodontist office. I do not have... READ MORE

If I discontinue the procedure about upper orthodontic appliace and ship for braces. Do I need to pay the full payment of it?

Hi. I been using upper orthodentic appliance I paid the down payment 10.000 but i want to discontinue the process because its to expensive it cost for... READ MORE

Can I insist on my braces being taken off before my end period? (photo)

I've had my braces for 2 1/2 years now, and I am desperate to get them off. My mother lost her job so we were not able to make payments for a while.... READ MORE

Got Braces in 2008. Treatment Was to Be Completed in 2010. Fell on Hard Times 6M Prior & Wasn't Able to Make Payments? (photo)

I've been stuck with these for 3 extra years. My orthodontist won't remove them unless I pay the rest of my balance. I should be able to pay it in a... READ MORE

Stopped paying for my ortho treatment and I want to get braces again, will another dr be able to accept me as a patient?(photo)

I had orthodontic treatment for a year and my mom lost her job and wasn't able to make anymore payments. I was stuck with braces but wasn't receiving... READ MORE

Can I get braces only on my upper teeth & is it possible to fix the size of my two front teeth because one is bigger?

My bottom teeth are fairly straight but I am 18 years old and I am just now trying to fix my smile because I started noticing I never smile because of... READ MORE

I prefer the ceramic tooth colored ones, or metal or clear bracket ones, in that order. How Long Would I Need Braces For?(photo)

Hi, I'm K. from Brooklyn, and I want to get braces. I prefer the ceramic tooth colored ones, or metal or clear bracket ones, in that order. I do not... READ MORE

I believe I need braces but Idk if my parents can afford them? (Photo)

Firstly do I need braces? Secondly if I do how can I tell my parents to make me an appointment? I've already told them about the payment plan and they... READ MORE

How long does it take to close a gap? (photo)

I've had my braces for 2 and a half years and i just had this huge expander in my mouth, my orthodontist promised id have them off by high school but... READ MORE

What would my best option be, a full set of braces on top or just a partial? (Photo)

I have 2 teeth on top that are not in line that I would love to have fixed. I don't have insurance so I would need a payment plan for braces. Would I... READ MORE

What are my payment options for braces? I am 17 years old and I do have a job (Photo)

My mother is unemployed. We don't have insurance so I'm looking to pay for everything out of pocket. Is there some sort of payment plan I can use? READ MORE

Hello! Can an orthodontist increase my payment plan without notifying me?

Hello. Today I chked my financial info on my orthondontic website and I've noticed that the contract amount has increased by $2k. I signed to pay 4k... READ MORE

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