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What's the best option for my buck teeth? (Photo)

I am 55 years of age. I also had my bottom teeth extracted and now have dentures and during this time the front teeth became extended. My dentist... READ MORE

Do Braces with Springs Work to Resolve a Severe Horizontal Overbite?

Have had 2 consults for braces to solve crooked teeth and an overbite. I am 61. Doc #1 said surgery or braces with a spring device. Doc #2 said... READ MORE

Are braces the best option (as opposed to a bridge) to close a gap in teeth after a tooth is extracted?

I am 55 and have very crowded small teeth. I have significant bone loss on a bottom tooth that is to the side but visible. My dentist recommends... READ MORE

I'm 55 years old. I wore braces and head gear for severe overbite in my early teens and wore my retainers into my early 20's.

In the last year my top teeth have started to protrude and the bottem teeth are crooked. Will this continue to worsen? I saw an it orthodontist and... READ MORE

As a 56 yo female, I would like your advice on the best procedure to correct my 9mm overjet?

Upper molars bite too far ahead of the lower molars Summary of consultations w 5 orthodontists: 1. upper front teeth are excessively ahead of the... READ MORE

Torn between getting upper & lower braces on 8 teeth, each arch, per Orthodontist, or have front teeth prep. for crowns. (Photo)

Two front teeth issues are more noticeable as I age, bottom crowding is next on list. Braces on just upper & lower 8 teeth as the rest are either... READ MORE

Can you have braces without having lower jaw surgery?

I'm 57, the orthodontist states I have an overbite and my teeth are not lining up correctly. I have at least 9 to 10 caps in my mouth. He pretty much... READ MORE

Hi, I am 55 years old, female and have protruding front teeth -- are braces an option for me?

I have come to know that it can be cured / corrected using braces. Is it practical at this age. I have healthy teeth otherwise. READ MORE

Front teeth bonded to close a gap. Any suggestions?

The bond lasts for a while and eventually needs to be redone. Each time it is rebonded my teeth are moved apart very slightly. To have a permanent... READ MORE

Am I at Greater Risk for Root Canals W Braces at 61 Yrs. I Just Had Two and Am Told I Need Two More?

I wonder if braces can traumatized the blood supply and nerve of teeth. I am shocked I will need four done....two already.... Your opinion? READ MORE

Cost of Metal Braces?

I am 62 years old and have good denta health, but my lower teeth are crowded. What is the average cost of braces for just the lower teeth? READ MORE

I'm 55 and have a bad open bite, cannot chew well and my speech is getting worse. Will braces help ? Thank you!!

Is Invisalign a option ? I had a fall over a year ago and cut my chin open got gradually worse. I have a lisp . READ MORE

Can front tooth and adjacent tooth be pushed back up into my gums? (Photo)

I'm 55. 3 days ago my ortho repositioned bracket on left front tooth so that the bottom of that tooth rotated towards bottom of right front to better... READ MORE

I have an open bite 5mm opening, been told I need braces and surgery. Can braces only fix this? I'm 55 years old

I had a fall 1 1/2 years ago hit my chin and had stitches a year later I noticed the bite opening . I am so scared of the surgery from reviews is... READ MORE

I have braces now and ready to remove but I am afraid that bottom teeth under bottom

I have had braces before I am 64 and I want the teeth to not hit so could an appliance keep me back READ MORE

Is my gum receding because my bracket is too low? (photo)

I noticed that my lower bracket is too low and my gum tooth # 24 is slightly receding. I can see better the gum receding using augmentation mirror. I... READ MORE

Can orthodontics straighten a row of molars at age 60? (Photos)

At 60 my left molar line veers outwards (P1) and is beginning to point outwards (P2). This causes continual leukoplakia and my dentist has referred me... READ MORE

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