Botox Videos

Botox for Crows Feet, Frown Lines, and Lifting the Eyebrows: See This Woman's Complete Procedure

Follow along with a real Botox procedure as Dr. David E. Berman performs a procedure and gives commentary on the process. VIEW NOW

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How to Inject Fillers and Botox — Let the Doctors Explain

Drs. Bernard Raskin and Shawn Abrishamy offer a training course for new injectors. Hear the doctors discuss technique and placement of injection points. VIEW NOW

Stop Sweating Permanently and Safely With This Procedure (Hint: NOT Botox)

Dr. Jon Grazer explains a procedure that could permanently stop sweating under the arms, allowing patients to go back to their normal lives with comfort and confidence. VIEW NOW

You Can Lift the Brow and a Sagging Face Without Going Under the Knife — Here's How

Before going under the knife, consider some minimally invasive options. Dr. Doris Day explains. VIEW NOW


Migraine Headaches Have Two Treatment Options: Botox and Surgery

If migraine headaches are ruling your life, Dr. Adam Hamawy says there are two ways to treat them: one temporary and one more permanent. VIEW NOW

Botox For Teenagers: When Is It Too Early?

Want to get Botox but not sure if it's too early? Dr. Nancy Swartz shares her take. VIEW NOW

Did You Know: Botox Is the Most Common Treatment in the U.S.

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the areas that can be treated with Botox, as well as how it works and the types of wrinkles able to be treated. The limitations of Botox and how long it lasts are also discussed. VIEW NOW

Botox While Breastfeeding: How the Toxin Affects Your Baby

How soon can a woman go for a Botox treatment after delivering a child? Dr. Michael Persky explains. VIEW NOW

Surprising Uses For Botox: Treat Facial Paralysis From Bell's Palsy

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh explains how an expert with in facial paralysis can use Botox to treat the synkinesis associated with Bell's palsy. VIEW NOW

Botox Can Be Used All Over the Body, Including the Neck

Dr. Mike Majmundar uses Botox to treat a patient with lines of her neck and the corner of the mouth. VIEW NOW

Botox Can Treat Crows Feet and Frown Lines Before the Wrinkles Set In

Dr. Braden Stridde treats patient Angie's frown lines and crow's feet with Botox in order to settle the muscles that are just starting to create little lines. VIEW NOW

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"Off-Label" Drug Use By a Physician: Is It Safe?

What does “off-label” mean? Is it safe to use a drug for something other than its intended purpose? Dr. Philip Miller explains. VIEW NOW


How Much Does Botox Cost?

Dr. Reichel discusses the cost of botox and what factors affect those costs. VIEW NOW


Is a Nonsurgical Facelift Possible and What Is Involved?

Dr. Stephen Prendiville explains that the use of fillers and toxins replace scalpels and anesthesia for a facelift effect without surgery. VIEW NOW


Forehead Botox Injection To Correct Frown Lines

Dr. Peter Capizzi injects a patient with Botox to address her concerns about developing frown lines between her eyebrows. VIEW NOW

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