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I Had Botox and my Left Eye Now Waters, Especially when I'm Tired.

Is there anything I can do other than wait for the botox to wear off? I just got the botox two days ago and I'm concerned it might get worse... READ MORE

Botox Worked for Occular Neuraligia: Will Other Fillers Work for Facial Spasms?

I have had blepharitus and I have the tear duct tubing put in them. I had so much fluttering & eye pain, medictaion wasn't wokring. I have... READ MORE

Do I really need 60 units of botox & 7 syringes of filler age 32? I want to fix sunken eyes, tear trough & bigger lip. (Photos)

Went in for botox and tear trough consult. Was told 60 units of botox "to start" Was told I needed 2 syringes of filler in my cheeks in order to do... READ MORE

Botox and dry eyes

I've had dry eyes for years (way before I started using botox). When I'm outdoor tears easily roll off my cheeks especially when its windy. I've been... READ MORE

Droopy eye, blurred vision, and eye twitching after Botox. Will this eventually resolve or do I need to seek intervention?

I am 26 & had botox treatment for chronic migraines 2 weeks ago. 2 days after the treatment I got a droopy left eyelid that has got progressively... READ MORE

I had botox injections in my forehead and between my brows. I've had excessive tearing for a couple months. How can I avoid it?

I've gotten botox for years and this is the first time this has happened. It is getting better now that the botox is starting to wear off. Is there... READ MORE

My left eye keeps tearing after Botox injection. Please help and advise

My left eye keep tearing afterbotox injection. Please help n advise READ MORE

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