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How Long Will I Suffer from Breathing and Swallowing Problems After Botox?

I have been suffering from side effects of Botox since April 2011. My biggest problem is swallowing and breathing issues. Sometimes I feel like I am... READ MORE

I'm Having Difficulty Swallowing Within Minutes After Botox Injections.

I've been receiving botox injections in my forehead area every 4 mths for 11 Yrs without a problem until this year. Within minutes after... READ MORE

Botox if Ingested - How Much to Be Dangerous?

I just received 25 units injected and during treatment a tiny amount squirted from the needle, landed on my lip and may have gotten into my mouth.... READ MORE

Headaches and Trouble Swallowing After Botox Injection

I had a small botox injection four days ago to make the frown line between my eyebrow softer. The procedure was done by an experienced nurse at the... READ MORE

I'm so scared of the side effects I got from botox, can I die? Please help! I had 4 units above the lip.

2 days after, as I felt the botox over lip, I felt something in my throat, and difficulty swallowing. Next day my tonsil under the jaw was swollen.... READ MORE

After Botox for Migraine, Having Difficulty Swallowing, Chewing and Raising my Head from a Bent Position, Why is this Happening?

The feeling is a cross between lack of control as in dental work (no tingle) and trying to do something physical after strenuous exercise as in trying... READ MORE

Serious Pain and Trouble Swallowing/speaking After Botox/Juvederm Cosmetic-next Course of Action?

I had Botox cosmetic/Juvederm for the first time about a month ago, and soon thereafter began experiencing neck pain, pain and trouble swallowing, and... READ MORE

I Hade Botox Injections Above my Lip and One Injection when Through and Squirted into my Mouth and Dripped Down my Throat?

I know have difficulty sollowing and have extremley dry mouth. Im tierd all the time. Could have it effected my thyroid gland? I havent felt the same... READ MORE

Botox side effects; have seen or heard of anything like this before?

Botox started to have side effects the symptoms are trouble breathing, talking, or swallowing hoarse voice, unusual or severe muscle weakness fast,... READ MORE

Botox for Neck Wrinkles and Masseter. Complaints of Difficulty in Talking and Chewing?

My aunt was given Botox for her Massetor and neck wrinkles. Week after she complains of difficulty in chewing and swallowing food on left side and... READ MORE

"Lip Pop" injection causing a speech impediment and cannot eat or swallow correctly.

I was injected with 4 units of Botox. Two injections on each side of my philtrum columns. This was given to help raise my upper lip. I am 53. I am now... READ MORE

I had Botox in my neck 8 months ago and I still can't swallow and have bones on me. Will I need a feeding tube?

Will I eventually need to be put on a feeding tube since I have a partial swallowing paralysis after having botox in my neck 8 months ago which was... READ MORE

I had Botox injected into my jaw but having difficulty swallowing

If this swallowing problem has occured from botox how long will it last it wasent injected there only in jaw READ MORE

Botox and Ultherapy for platysmal banding. Does Ultherapy move the Botox deeper into the muscle?

Had botox for platysmal bands on neck followed by ultherapy. I have a terrible time swallowing on the right side of my neck. How long will this last.... READ MORE

I have anter collis. And I receive Botox every 3 months.

I am have mild difficulty swallowing. I got the Botox almost 2 weeks.ago and was.wondering when will the effects ware off. READ MORE

The effects of Botox injections for upper body spasticity

1. Do you your muscles start to relax after 2-3 days? 2. After 2 days, do you get mild swallowing or tightness in the middle of the chest, hard to... READ MORE

Can Botox for migraines cause pain deep inside of the ear and jaw pain? (Photo)

An hour and half after my 2nd set of botox a knot appeared then developed into pain deep inside my jaw/ear area a few hours later, directly in front... READ MORE

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