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How to Flush Botox from System?

My neurologist gave me Botox injections for chronic migraine - 100 unit is base of skull, neck & shoulders. This was 6 days ago. My neck is very... READ MORE

Permanent Stiff Neck After Botox for Teeth Clenching

After having botox in my jaw to stop me clenching my teeth at night my head feels very hard to lift up its now been 4 months since having it done and... READ MORE

After 1 Month of Botox I Have Headache and Stiffness in My forehead and Eye Disorder?

I still have headache and stiffness in my forehead it is stuck very painful and eye disorders is it normal or it did effect my brain how can i help my... READ MORE

My Eye Feels Stiff After Botox. Will This Lead to my Eye Drooping?

I received a botox injection today in the frown lines between my eyebrows & on the bridge of my nose. The only aftercare instruction I received... READ MORE

Water on Knee, Edema, Aching Joints and Botox? (photo)

Recently had Botox injections for frown line on forehead, 10 units I believe. I am experiencing edema in legs, water on knee, aching and joint... READ MORE

Will my eyes, drooping eyelids and stiff-looking brows be back to normal after the botox totally wears off? (Photo)

I had botox treatment last June 2014 to address the fold between my brows. I noticed however that my right eye looks blank and even more relatively... READ MORE

Botox have spread all over my face after a massage. How long does it take to wear off? Looking like a freak.

I had 10 units injected in each masseter ( for grinding) 1 week ago, ( my 11,s ( glabella) about 1 month ago. I had a deep tissue massage in the face... READ MORE

I received 8 Botox units yesterday around my mouth to reduce frowning. The muscles are now very stiff. What should I do?

The muscles are now very stiff, and I can't move that area of my face very well. What do I do? READ MORE

I cannot smile after Botox to upper lip for smokers lines? (Photos)

I posted a few days ago about Botox above upper lip for smoker's lines and I thank you all for your reply. It is now 4 days now since 4 droplets of... READ MORE

Headache and stiff back of head and apple of cheek on right side after Botox for TMJ?

50 units injected to each side to the jaw joint and masseter muscle to treat bruxism, TMJ & muscle spasm. The surgeon mixed the botox with numbing... READ MORE

Botox for TMJ in tri state area? (Photo)

I am a 22 year old female looking to receive botox treatment for my TMJ. I have severe headaches that last the whole day with stiffness around the jaw... READ MORE

I've been getting botox injections for migraine. Is this caused by the botox wearing off?

I decided they haven't really been helping and have not had an injection for 6 months. For the past 3 months my shoulders and neck have been really... READ MORE

can i go for Botox Injection?

Can i go for botox injection,,i have done my c5 c6 intramelludery c.m. removed. after my surgery from my wrist to small finger fourth finger ring... READ MORE

Any facial plastic surgeons familiar w/medical Botox in SF? I hope these docs can help me; my face stiffens up uncontrollably.

I stiffen my face uncontrollably. It makes me look MUCH worse/older/meaner than I am. It's been debilitating; people reject/mistreat me. I can only... READ MORE

The muscles of my face stiffen up uncontrollably, especially in the mouth and jaw area. Will Botox or other injections help?

Since Botox helps with TMJ and facial paralysis, will it help with my problem? This would be pretty experimental. How much Botox would they need to use? READ MORE

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