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Post-Botox Bumps and Swelling... Getting Worse and Spreading

I had botox done on my forehead, she did the injections high along my hairline, very unusual, and my forehead felt a little strange. 2 weeks later on... READ MORE

Is There Any Chance That the Botox Has Spread Outside my Axilla? Is It Toxic?

I've had underarm botox a week ago. and experienced changes in my vision 7days after the treatment. how would i know if botox has spread to other... READ MORE

Botox Spreading?

I recently read on RealSelf a woman was confined to a wheel chair from the effects of Botox. On Allergan's website it says that there is a chance it... READ MORE

Botox Spreading to Neck?

I had Botox 4 days ago in my chin for dimpling and around the eyes. The eyes are fine and I am happy with them but I am concerned about my chin area.... READ MORE

Received 100 units of Botox for Cervical Dystonia. Can Botox spread even to areas of the body which have not been injected?

Botox could cause harmful side effects - even areas of the body which have not been injected causes muscle wastage in parts of the body not injected.... READ MORE

Botox have spread all over my face after a massage. How long does it take to wear off? Looking like a freak.

I had 10 units injected in each masseter ( for grinding) 1 week ago, ( my 11,s ( glabella) about 1 month ago. I had a deep tissue massage in the face... READ MORE

I have swollen eyelids, weakness in arms and legs and tight sensation in neck 2 weeks after Botox. What should I do?

I had botox done 2 weeks ago and been told if you have weakness in arms, legs and droopy eyelid (more like swollen eyelids) I've been told these are... READ MORE

Can Botox spread?

So I really want to get jaw Botox to shrink and reshape my jaw I have seen great results. However I'm scared Botox can spread is that possible? What... READ MORE

Question about Botox. Does Botox spread from the site of injection?

How far(in milimeter)can 1unit botox spread from the site of injection? i had botox injected on my face and it worked on the muscle under the spot... READ MORE

Will Botox spread anymore? (photos)

On November 4th I had 64 units of Botox injected. The most I've ever had before was 36-40. The first 3 days were good but starting on the 7th and... READ MORE

Can botox spread to your vital organs? Is 45 units a lot for your first time? (photos)

I've had a consultation and booked my appointment for next week. It's my first time having botox and it's been recommended I have 45 units for the... READ MORE

Can Botox Migrate in Human Faces?

I just read, "Animal studies have shown that botulinum toxin can spread to a distance of 30-45 mm from the injection site." In your experience, does... READ MORE

Botox 3 days before CO2 fractional laser, Is it possible Botox to spread from the facial freezing in advance resurfacing?(photo)

I saw my doctor today who seems to believe that perhaps the injections from the needles for freezing my face before co2 may have spread the unsettled... READ MORE

Botox dilution - How can I find a physician who dilutes Botox 1 cc per 100 unit vial of Botox in Southern California?

How can I find a physician who dilutes Botox 1 cc per 100 unit vial of Botox in Southern California? I've had my masseter muscles injected a number of... READ MORE

Will squeezing a pimple right next to a Botox injection site cause the Botox to spread to other muscles?

I had Botox done on my forehead at around 10:00 and came home at 13:30 and squeezed a deep pimple that was right next to where I got an injection. I... READ MORE

Nose spreading and puffy lower lid when smiling - treatment options? (photo)

I was wondering what kind of treatment options are available to limit nostril spread when smiling. I'm very happy with the shape of my nose at rest... READ MORE

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