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Unwell Since Botox Injected in Scalp?

My husband had Botox injected into his scalp 3 weeks ago all around his scar tissue (had brain tumor removed 07). This was done to help relieve what... READ MORE

I have severe cranial/facial sweating and it's ruining my life. Is Botox in the scalp my only solution? (Photo)

I'm only 32 years old and this condition has absolutely wrecked my self confidence. I don't have any other medical conditions so I believe this is... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Injected into the Scalp for Phn Head Pain & Also on Neck?

My Mother has suffered from phn for 6 years now & no one seems to know how to help her anymore. She currently has a pain pump but I believe the... READ MORE

Burning, numbness, pins and needles on scalp and face. This started after Botox

I have a burning,numbness pins and needles sensation which is along the left side of my scalp front to back,left eye cheek and into my jaw. This... READ MORE

Can Botox be used for hyperhidrosis in the neck (front and back) plus the head or scalp? My hairline area is also sweaty

I'm a 27 years old female and I'm healthy but I sweat a lot even at sleep around those areas. Mainly I sweat a lot around those areas but I also have... READ MORE

Botox technique differs?

First time I had botox In April the trusts were perfect. Although the technician didn't say how many units I had 4 injections in my scalp area, 3... READ MORE

I got Botox on Tuesday and I now have an itchy scalp is this normal?

What should I do and if it is not should I contact my neurologist?  READ MORE

Botox for hyperhidrosis of face & scalp. Should I do the injections in the facial area?

I had Botox around my scalp line on Wednesday and I believe it is already starting to work. However I also noticed that my facial skin feels dry, but... READ MORE

Why is my scalp still irritated 6 mos. later? Did doctor's technique cause this? Is there a nerve problem?

I had 15 "rapid fire" injections of Botox in my neck & scalp for severe muscle spasming & migraine headaches. The injections were painful & the pain... READ MORE

I'm 50 and have noticed vertical thin indentations on my forehead. Running from the scalp downwards, should I be concerned?

Is this due to loss of fat under the skin in the forehead or is it something I should be concerned about. i also am a botox user. READ MORE

What can a person do about their excessive scalp sweating?

A person need help with their sweaty sweaty scalp! Thanks for your help! READ MORE

7 days post Botox of my forehead (looks ok so far) I cannot seem to stop tightening my scalp which pulls it forward. Why?

22 units in forehead. My 5th tx in 3 yrs. I noticed after 4th treatment my tension headaches were gone! I mostly got this tx because they're back. My... READ MORE

Will massaging scalp affect Botox injection on forehead about 1.5 hours post Botox? (Photo)

Botox was injected into the top left and top right of my forehead. 1.5 hours post-Botox, I was on my iPhone and totally forgot about the Botox, and... READ MORE

Left eyelid fell a week after Botox for blephorospasm. What are my options based on the facts below?

I received 3 injections around each eye; right done weeks earlier. In years prior a trusted plastic surgeon treated for this & migraines. Per my... READ MORE

Scalp and neck hyperhidrosis. How many units of botox is needed for those areas to stop the sweating?

Healthy 27 years old female but suffering from hyperhidrosis in my scalp and neck even at cool or cold places. Its not related to stress or emotions... READ MORE

Can Botox greatly help profuse facial and scalp sweating? (Photo)

Is there an approximate cost you could give me please? READ MORE

Had Botox and then Dysport put into my scalp. Separate times within one week of each other. I'm drenched by EOD, will this end?

200 units used. I came back for a second time because I noticed no change at all. However, after the second time, thing got worse instead of... READ MORE

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