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Why is my Forehead Region Still So Mobile After Botox Injection Post 9 Days?

I had my first injection of Botox 9 days ago. Unfortunately I do not remember how many units were injected. He also did a few more injections along... READ MORE

Can I Still Move my Forehead After Botox?

I am self-conscious of the lines on my forehead and am desperately looking for a way to reduce them however I am a 29 year old actress and am cautious... READ MORE

Question About Baby Botox for Forehead?

I've read a few articles online about "Baby Botox," which involves receiving a smaller-than-average dosage of Botox to soften wrinkles somewhat, but... READ MORE

Do Doctors Normally Inject Filler Into The Eyebrow Area? What About Temples Too?

I heard that botox can be used to raise the eyebrows a little bit. So in combination of having the botox raise the brow (and perhaps the lateral brow... READ MORE

Too Much Botox in Smokers Lines - No Movement, Cannot Speak Properly

I have smokers lines, which Im deeply unhappy about. Was recommended botox; $180 worth; and now only 1 day later my top lip is so numb I cannot speak... READ MORE

Someone Moved my Forehead Up and Down Right After I Had Botox Injections- Did I Damage My Results?

I was always told that you should not move your forehead, put your head down for 4 hours or go to sleep after botox. I know have a droopy eyelid.... READ MORE

Do antibiotics fight off Botox?

I had Botox and then got the flu 4 days later and was given antibiotics 3 days after getting the flu. Yesterday my forehead was nice and smooth and... READ MORE

Lip Incompetence and Mentalis Strain- Easiest Way to Fix? (photo)

I can't close my lips at rest. I have to consciously push them together, and when I do, I get mentalis strain. I had braces years ago and my bite is... READ MORE

Fluid on Cheek Bones After Botox

I have fluid on my cheek bones after botox administered 2 weeks ago. My beutician told me my lymphatic drainage is not working  because the nurse... READ MORE

Just After Botox, How Do I Do The Mimic Movements? (photo)

I just injected botox today on my forehead, between my eyebrows,and eye area! and my doctor asks me i should do '' mimik movements ''... READ MORE

Masseter botox for bruxism - how long until my muscles return to their former size?

I rec'vd 28 units of botox each side for my 1st treatment. 1.5 months later my masseter activity was starting to return, and I received 28 u on my... READ MORE

Do Botox Results Change In Cold Weather?

I'm a 33 year old guy who had Botox for the first time 6 weeks ago on my forehead and glabellar lines, 2 weeks ago i also had filler in the... READ MORE

Cervical Dystonia - Botox Injection. Is This Doing More Damage Than Good?

88 year old female has parkinson and cervical dystonia (head drops forward and to left) - left neck muscles were so hard/tight could not lift head -... READ MORE

Is it possible for Botox to wear off earlier than 2 months ?

I had botox done on my forehead and 11's (between eyes) on 12/30/14. It's now been one month but I noticed my forehead feels different. When I first... READ MORE

Botox for gummy smile: What's the effect on other facial expressions, especially mouth movement while talking? (photo)

I'm worrying that once I treat the gummy smile issue, I can not make any "big" smiles. Also, I'm wondering how the facial expression will be affected,... READ MORE

Can Botox Drift From Injection Site?

Can Botox drift from the injection site (crows feet, frown lines between the eyes) and cause a sore bump elsewhere (left forehead) in an unwanted area? READ MORE

Can Botox Prevent Cheek Movement when Smiling? (photo)

Whenever my face is at rest I appear to have very well defined cheeks that aren't large. Whenever I smile though my cheeks contract and look much... READ MORE

Can Botox cause nerve damage?

I had Botox 13 weeks ago. I'm now getting movement back but my eye still looks slightly dropped and between my eyebrows and across my eyebrow the eye... READ MORE

How long for Botox to start taking effect?

I had Botox injected into the glabella 3 days ago and I still have full movement. There is no change at all. I had Dysport once in the same area and... READ MORE

Will brows start to regain movement after Botox after 3 months or does it slowly happen beginning at 2 weeks?

Hello, three weeks ago I had Botox in my forehead causing my brows to drop and hooding to worsen. I hate it and am wondering if my forehead/brows will... READ MORE

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