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Would Botox Alone Help Jowls? (photo)

I am 47 and have never been overweight. But I have inherited my father's jowls and double chin. Unfortunately, I will never be able to afford a... READ MORE

Is Botox a Good Alternative to Surgery for Turkey Neck?

I am considering a neck lift, and was told that Botox injections work really well for some patients. I have loose, wrinkled skin and turkey neck. READ MORE

Botox in Masseter - Now Saggy Cheeks

I am only 32, but since having botox in my masseter (and gaining half a stone) I seem to have developed saggy cheeks/jowls. My face looks flat and my... READ MORE

I have droopy jowl like bulge after botox in the lower face. Why did this happen? (Photo)

I usually get botox in the mentalis and DAO. I went in for botox about 7 days ago to those two places and the RN injected my mentalis and my DLI... READ MORE

Hanging Glands, Jowling. What Do I Treat First? (photo)

Do you ever perform procedures to correct/minimize large submandibular glands? Can botox shrink them down? As my skin ages, this area has begun to... READ MORE

Botox treatment to Masseter muscle has caused jowl. Is this permanent?

Last year I had Botox injections (4 in total) to my left masseter to treat hypertrophy. This worked well in reducing the muscle bulk but the last... READ MORE

Due to Chronic TMD I'm on a Botox Treatment That Had Helped a Lot but It Has Changed my Face? (photo)

I only get one shot on each side of my face. I now see sagging jawls and also on the sides of my mouth. My face was round due to the inflamed muscles.... READ MORE

Botox ruined face. I stopped getting botox 14 months ago and face never returned to normal. Any suggestions? (photo)

How can I fix deformities caused by 8 years of repeated Botox injections? Face is uneven, eyes are now different sizes, loss of cheek fat, droopy... READ MORE

Botox or filler for NL/angularis ori area & sunken cheeks?

My NL/risorius/angularis ori area gets overbuilt easily. NL lines are pronounced & extend down around curve of my mouth. also have very sunken cheeks.... READ MORE

Should I use botox or fillers for frown lines? Will botox help give a lift there?

I was also told to use botox on my neck bands and it will help lift jowels. Am I getting accurate info. (I was informed of swallowing effects.) Thank you! READ MORE

Followup: what is the risk of jowliness or paralyzation using Botox for the masseter?

How likely is it using Botox to feminize a jawline creates "jowliness" in patients with excess skin, or in exposure of the buccal pad? What is the... READ MORE

Will cheek drop and jowling from botox resolve over time if botox was used excessively?

I first had a botox injection in Sept 2014 at a med spa. The dr suggested I come back in 5-7 days.He did more. Then he said I should come in every 6... READ MORE

Can this dermal filler be removed? (Photo)

Last September I had botox and Emervel dermal filler to disguise my jowls and try to address lack of jawline definition. I am now considering neck and... READ MORE

Will fillers, Botox, lasers handle my drooping cheeks, jowls, and lines? Liquid facelift? (Photo)

I've been getting botox for 8+ years. I'm 38 years old and in the last 2 yrs it's all fallen down! My lines under/around my eyes are horrible. My neck... READ MORE

What combination of filler/botox do I need to look less tired and achieve better facial symmetry? (Photo)

I am a 25yo F. 1) I always look tired because of my dark under-eye circles and 2) R side of my face is thinner than my left, esp in cheek and jowls.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for masseter muscle reduction?

I am a 29 year old female and have been told by 2 different professionals that I would benefit from botox to the masseter muscles. I have always had a... READ MORE

Zygoma reduction or more Botox? Face looks masculine due to lower face. (photos)

Hi! About 4 months ago I received the Botox treatment for my jaw, approx 20 units per side. I noticed that my face did slim a little but not very... READ MORE

Can I have Botox masseteter area then 2 days later fillers in jowl/marionette area?

Hi, I have booked in for botox in my masseteter area and wanted to know if having fillers in the jowl and marionette area 2 days later ok or should I... READ MORE

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