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Does Botox Causes Severe Itching and Rash?

I had botox done last March 18th. Now my eyes are dropping, especially the left eye lid. Also my face is swelling and I have this awful itching for... READ MORE

Itchiness and White Spots Forming 2 Weeks After Botox. Is This Normal?

After botox on forehead and between brows my skin itched slightly,2 weeks later my head is itchy with tiny white pimples forming and on the brows,i am... READ MORE

A Small Amount of Botox Dripped in my Eye During an Injection, Is My Eye Going To Be Okay?

I have been experiencing very dry and itiching eyes since this has happened. My eye just feels different since trhis occured. I have been receiving... READ MORE

I'm so scared of the side effects I got from botox, can I die? Please help! I had 4 units above the lip.

2 days after, as I felt the botox over lip, I felt something in my throat, and difficulty swallowing. Next day my tonsil under the jaw was swollen.... READ MORE

Are There Options to Botox in Relation to the Preservatives Found in Them?

After receiving several botox injections (4 sessions over a 12 month period with varying number of units) I experience itchyness that becomes... READ MORE

How long will itching and burning persist after cosmetic Botox injections?

I received cosmetic botox injections and there was itching at the injection site immediately and I had a headache for a couple hours. The next day I... READ MORE

Can Botox injections help with itching after a shingles?

I got the shingles in Sept. of 2013 . I do not have residual pain, but have severe itchting along the nerve that runs from my eyebrow back to the... READ MORE

Can Botox inj between the eyebrows cause dilation of one eye, THREE and FOUR months after the injection?

Botox inj. between my eyebrows was Sept. 3, 2014. I've had 3 inj. ( 4 - 7 months apart). No issues except mild headache once. Late Nov. left eye... READ MORE

I'm 16 and suffer from eczema and denny morgan folds – Will Botox help me?

Im 16 and have eczeme and denny morgan folds. My eyes itch and get swollen. However i might not have it as bad as other patients but i was wndering... READ MORE

Welts after Botox?

I been getting Botox to my forehead and frown lines for years I had Botox again 7 days ago and this time after injection I noticed the areas of... READ MORE

Am I having an allergic reaction to Botox?

I got Botox in my hands today for hyperhydrosis for the first time. I have been itching all night since I got in bed all over my whole body. It's... READ MORE

I had Botox injections 2 days ago could I be allergic?

Yes I had Botox injections 2 days ago at 1:00 pm pacific time. The very next day at 2:00 pm I noticed both my hands were puffy a swollen. Also the... READ MORE

Is there any possibility that the fillers/Botox procedure caused neuralgia?

I did fillers for my cheeks by plastic surgeon in June and after a while I started to have itching and burning feeling in the cheeks area, headache... READ MORE

Allergic to botox: swelling, burning, itching at/around injection sites. Does this mean I can't use Botox again?

3 weeks ago I had a severe reaction to Botox on forehead. still recovering. I have used it several times before with no ill effects. Can I try xeomin?? READ MORE

Can I get Botox if I have been experiencing angioedema from other treatments? (Photos)

1st reaction with eyelash extensions, woke the next am to swollen eyes. I'd been doing my lashes for a year, had experienced some itching &... READ MORE

Swelling mainly in the cheek and nose areas, pain in face, forehead, itching skin after filler and Botox procedures 2 months ago

I have the above mentioned symptoms for filler procedure for cheeks,nasolabial lines done by plastic and bariatric surgeon. pains is killing. checked... READ MORE

Botox allergy? Confused. What is it?

In January I had an extremely bad reaction to Botox to my forehead and frown lines I have had Botox for about 4 years It started with welts , itching... READ MORE

Can Botox cause itching? I had it a few weeks ago. (photo)

If I had Botox a few weeks ago I've been having a lot of itching around my eyes and my eyelids have gotten very droopy. The botox was on my forehead... READ MORE

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