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Botox for Nasolabial Folds and it's Been 5 Months and I Still Can't Smile?

I had 15 units of botox in November 2011 above the nasolabial folds and next to each nostril to reduce my deep smile lines. I could not smile at all... READ MORE

Botox for Crow's Feet: Avoiding a Frozen Look

My dilemma: I like wrinkles around the eyes. They show warmth and happiness. The problem is that now I have LOTs of wrinkles that are way too long and... READ MORE

I Had Intradermal Botox and Now I Can't Move my Forehead and my Eyebrows Are Less Arched? (photo)

I had the intradermal botox which is supposed to lessen oil production and shrink pores. Now I am on day two and I can't move my forehead and my... READ MORE

Botox is Not Working To Lift My Brows, and My Outer Eyebrows Are Frozen

I am 22. I had botox next to the outer part of my eyebrows and eyes in march and the results were amazing lifting my eyebrows. After one month I put... READ MORE

Eyelid Droop and Frozen Pupil After Botox

Will this wear off or is there the possibility of permanent damage? A blood vessel above my left eye bled quite profusely after the injection and left... READ MORE

Could a "heavy" feeling in my forehead and persistent headache and nausea be caused by too much botox in my forehead? (Photo)

I had 30 units of botox injected into my 11's and forehead a week and a half ago and have had a nonstop headache from 2 days after the injection. Now... READ MORE

Still wrinkles in inner eye corner after botox. What to do?

I, I'm 38 and a regular for botox in forehead, crow's feet, bunny lines and chin. Usually I'm very happy with the results. There is only one thing... READ MORE

Crazy Botox And/or Forehead Muscles? What is Going On? (photo)

I began botox 5 yrs ago, for eyebrow elevation & lines on forehead. Usually I go in every 4 months. The last time, I went in May 2012, here it is... READ MORE

Please Tell Me It's Possible That I've Reached Max. Botox Effect Within 3-4 Days?

I am a 30 year old woman who just got botox in my crows feet. Even from day 2, I could tell I was going to hate the results. It's been 4 days now... READ MORE

Dropping and freezing eyebrows, what should I do after bad Botox injections?

I'm 29 years old and a mother of three before three weeks I had botox that ruined my life i can't focus on my kids or on my life my forheaf is totally... READ MORE

Eyebrows Frozen and Eyelids Dropped Week 2 After Botox for Frown Lines?

Dear doctors,This is my second time using Botox and the first time I Love it!!! However, I considered it was better to do it with a M.D instead of the... READ MORE

Cheek Frozen After Botox to the Eyes

My cheek does not work when I smile, what is the cause and how long will it last? It was the first time I received Botox for crows feet, I have been... READ MORE

I got Botox injected in my lower eyelids near the corners of my eyes. I now have puffy wrinkly bags? (Photo)

I got botox injected in my lower eyelids near the corner of my eyes? I was told by another doctor that botox should never be put here but this doctor... READ MORE

My glabella and forehead both need botox. How many units would I need to have a natural looking forehead? (Photo)

I feel like my forehead muscles are 'strong'. How does a dr avoid over injecting? My biggest fear is looking frozen. READ MORE

How Long Do I Have? Just Got Back from the Dentist and have Frozen Lip Syndrome After Getting Botox for my Lip Lines?

It 's been almost 2 weeks and I still have the upper lip lines and can't eat or drink properly and forget about putting lipstick on or trying to drink... READ MORE

Had Botox 4 days ago and my forehead is already almost completely frozen with a slight pressure. Is this normal? (photos)

This is my first Botox, but I've had Dysport before (about 8 months ago, 50 units in the forehead, none between the eyes) (16 in forehead 20 between... READ MORE

Frozen smile. Numbness in upper lip. Soreness in cheeks after Botox

I received a small amount of botox in nasiolabal folds nearly 1 month ago and am experiencing a reptilian smile (flattened elongated upper lip resting... READ MORE

Botox is spreading to my lower face. Is this common?

I have been afraid and freaking out. I had botox injected to forehead and glabellar area on Tuesday and it has spread to my lower face and I have even... READ MORE

Botox in forehead - How do some women (like all the stars) avoid droopy brows, odd look and frozen forehead?

I had Botox 10 years ago in my forehead and hated it. My arched brows fell and I looked like the worst "after" picture you can imagine. Now I have... READ MORE

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