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Flu-like Symptoms Persisting for 2 Weeks After Botox

I have had severe side effects from botox for 2 weeks now, how long is this likely to last? I had botox injections 2 weeks ago, after 5 days I... READ MORE

Headache and Flu Symptoms After Botox

I had 12.5 units of Botox and the injector pushed too hard on my head! This is not the first time I have had botox and could feel her technique was... READ MORE

What Effect Does Trace Amounts of Botox in the Blood Have on the Heart?

Since trace amounts of botox become systemic (explaining the 'flu like symptoms' aka botulism most people experience after cosmetic botox injections)... READ MORE

Flu like symptoms after cosmetic Botox injection. Any suggestions?

I have received 44 u of botox for my 11s and eyes on Monday, on Thursday i started feeling flu like symptoms . It was 3rd day after injection. I have... READ MORE

Can Botox cause flu-like symptoms?

I am a 27 y/o male. Two days ago, I had a Botox procedure between my eyebrows (five shots). This morning, with no apparent reason, I woke with a full... READ MORE

Can I get botox 2 weeks after my labiaplasty?

I recently had a labiaplasty and will be seeing my surgeon in Toronto for a 2 week post op. Since I will be in Toronto I made an appointment fot some... READ MORE

Can Botox cause severe Flu like symtoms?

I got my injs last Thursday. By that night, I had the worst sore throat, water eyes, and runny nose ever. Went to my family practice Dr and got 2... READ MORE

Flu like symptoms and ears syringed after botox - why?

I've had botox 3times in the past year and following each injection, my ears would block up less than a week later. I have had them syringed 3times in... READ MORE

Will Tdap vaccine & flu shot done on same day as Botox have any contraindications? (Photo)

My family doctor wanted me to get the Tdap vaccine & the flu shot for an upcoming medical exam. But it turns out that I was also due for my Botox... READ MORE

Botox: Am I having an allergic reaction?

After my botox topup i had insomnia that night then woke up in the morning feeling like i had flu shivering and shaking and my back and neck felt reay... READ MORE

Are these typical reactions after Botox?

I had my first Botox treatment 2 days ago on my forehead and chin. About 24 hours ago, I developed fairly severe flu like symptoms, headache, body... READ MORE

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