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Reaction After Botox- Cyst, Lump and Sunken Eyes

This last week was my third botox treamtment in 4 years, withint the hour of threatment, in the forehead only, both my ears but specially the right on... READ MORE

Can Botox to masseter muscle affect my ears?

I had Botox to my MASSETER muscle because of teeth grinding at night and 2 days later I started to have ear pain. The ear pain started In one ear and... READ MORE

Ear pressure after Botox injections. Is this normal?

I'm 29 years old and got Botox 32 hrs ago with a reputable former gp . I woke up this morning with massive pressure in both ears to the point where I... READ MORE

Is ear pain from Botox normal?

I had 25 units if botox injected to my forehead then 10 units to top up were needed i have since experienced anxiety and a heavy forehead and now i... READ MORE

6 days post op Botox on my 11's, bunny lines and crows feet. However day 1 I had really bad ear pressure. Any suggestion?

D2general overall weakness, nausea.D4 I was lying in bed&all of a sudden felt like I couldn't swallow .took antihistimine &Xanax&after 20mins this... READ MORE

Can Botox to masseter muscle affect my ears?

Hello, I had Botox to my MASSETER muscle 5 weeks ago and I've had ear problems ever since. It started 2 days after the Botox with pain in the ears. I... READ MORE

Would I benefit from Botox in the jaw area, if so do, I need get in the temple too?

Hi I was told I was enlarged from temple to masseter muscles . masseter muscles hurt n near ear ..I get no headaches just bad masseter muscle n near... READ MORE

Flu like symptoms and ears syringed after botox - why?

I've had botox 3times in the past year and following each injection, my ears would block up less than a week later. I have had them syringed 3times in... READ MORE

Dr. Doris Day has an anti aging video where she mentions injecting a neuromodulator injected into the masador.

What is the technique that involves a neuromodulator injected into the masador near the ear? I'm probably spelling it incorrectly. Who is a good... READ MORE

Can Meniere be treated with Botox?

Now I have Meniere and research recommend Botox injection behind the ear. READ MORE

Is there a treatment/injection for your face that can pull your cheek to the side towards your ear?

My face is assymetrical and I'm assuming it's from a muscle imbalance in my face. Is there an injection like Botox or something else that can pull one... READ MORE

Can I use Botox? I want a symmetrical face. (photos)

I had a right ear surgery in 1991 and the outcome was the loss of my beauty. I have been suffering emotionally since. It looks ugly as well. I am in... READ MORE

When I relax my ear, it creates a large bulge that messes up my jawline. Can botox help, or do I need surgery?

When I raise my ear or tense it, my face looks great. My brows raise and I have a fairly decent jawline. However when I relax my left ear and let it... READ MORE

I had cancerous lymph nodes removed from behind my ear and neck. Will Botox help?

I woke up with nerve damage,the nerve may have been cut and was told to start therapy immediately. But which Doctor do you see? A speech therapist? A... READ MORE

Can Botox for migraines cause pain deep inside of the ear and jaw pain? (Photo)

An hour and half after my 2nd set of botox a knot appeared then developed into pain deep inside my jaw/ear area a few hours later, directly in front... READ MORE

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