Dry Mouth + Botox

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How long will the side effects of Botox take to go away?

I've had a very small dose of botox done 5 days ago and about 7hrs later had a servere pressure feeling in my head and it hasn't gone.  I'm... READ MORE

Safety of Naphcon A. I Got Severely Dry/red Eyes from Them After Botox?

I had Botox done 8 days ago. 3rd day: eye puffiness/droop. I got Naphcon A drops & after 3 days of using it, eyes became red/dry. Dryness carried... READ MORE

I Hade Botox Injections Above my Lip and One Injection when Through and Squirted into my Mouth and Dripped Down my Throat?

I know have difficulty sollowing and have extremley dry mouth. Im tierd all the time. Could have it effected my thyroid gland? I havent felt the same... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do to Relieve the Side Effects I'm Having from Botox?

I just had Botox this morning and I am experiencing quite a few side effects. I had nausea, and fatigue within 10 minutes of the injections. I am also... READ MORE

Botox injected into masserter and chin two weeks ago caused dry mouth and no saliva form the sides and bottom of my mouth.

I had dry mouth few days after injections and two weeks after injections, I noticed there was no salvia from both sides and bottom of my mouth. My... READ MORE

Submandibular glands swell quite large when eating. Will botox help?

Ever since my platysma muscle was tightened from a neck lift 2 months ago, my submandibular glands equally swell to 4-5 times normal size every time I... READ MORE

What do you do when you are injured by Botox?

I had Botox in 2013. All of the muscles in my face went flat within about 2 weeks. I had a numb tingly feeling across my face.. I developed dizziness,... READ MORE

Botox for enlarged parotid and submandibular glands?

I have Sjögrens Syndrome - an AI disease that primarily attacks the moisture producing glands. My major symptom has been enlarged & painful ... READ MORE

How long will 2 units of Botox last?

How long will 2 units of botox last? I recieved in the tip of my nose and was wandering how long till the botox leaves my system? I'm experiencing dry... READ MORE

I've had 2 separate Botox injections (3-4 months apart). I've developed dry mouth recently.

I've read online instances of Botox possibly being the culprit. To your knowledge, can it indeed be the cause? If so, will dry mouth go away after a... READ MORE

I just received 2 units of botox right under the tip of my nose and my dry mouth feels worse. Could botox cause this??

I've been dealing with really dey mouth the last few years and I had 2 units of botox under my nose and my dry mouth feels worse. My salagen is not... READ MORE

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