Double Vision + Botox

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Can Botox Cause Problems Such As Blurred Vision, Double Vision, and Night Vision?

I have had Botox for blepharospasm and am seeing some side effects and wondering how long does it last and will a rx eye drop help. The opthalmic MD... READ MORE

Botox Has Destroyed my Face & my Life. Is There Any Hope of a Recovery? (photo)

3 MONTHS ago I was injected (forehead ONLY) w/ 21 units of botox. A few days after, I developed extremely swollen eyelids, huge bags, double vision,... READ MORE

Botox Around Eyes is Causing Double Vision, is This Normal?

I had Botox around the eyes, three days after the injections I woke up with double vision, that was 2 weeks ago. I am wearing a patch over one eye... READ MORE

Botox Side Effects: Are They Common?

I'm a healthy 57 year old, and will be getting Botox next week. Some of the side effects listed are pretty scary. Have you ever had patients... READ MORE

How Long Does Anxiety Last from Botox?

Why does botox cause anxiety, double vision and seizures when it is only meant to paralyze your skin? READ MORE

Double Vision from Botox?

I had Botox injections about two weeks ago. I am now experiencing double vision. Is this a side effect of Botox? How long will this last?... READ MORE

Side Effects of Botox for Blepharospasm

How long before my eyelid stops drooping and the double vision goes away following a Botox injection for blepharospasm? READ MORE

How Long Does the Side Effects for Botox Used in a Squint Last?

I had botox for a squint 2 weeks ago, my left eye has turned in since i was a child, 2 days after the botox my eye turned outwards and upwards which... READ MORE

15 Months of Suffering From Dizziness, Weakness and Blurry Vision From Botox. Will It Ever Stop?

15 months ago I had 100 units of botox injected in my neck. After few days I started to be extremely dizzy, I had double vision and I also had trouble... READ MORE

I Received Botox to Treat Strabismus Causing Double Vision and Eye Seems More Prominent Than Other?

I got botox injection 5 days ago to treat strabismus (right eye turned towards nose) I have had since I was a child (no previous treatment). Over past... READ MORE

After Having a Reaction to Botox, It is Safe to Ever Have Botox Again?

I have been having Botox for years with good results and no side effects. The last botox I had was with someone I noticed was a new girl and she gave... READ MORE

Diplopia treated by Botox?

Has anyone had botox injected into their eyeball to lift the eye level with their other eye and if so are you happy with result READ MORE

Botox double vision - when I look far, I see double. Why can't doctors admit that this is a side effect?

I had Botox injected around my eyes, total 40 units. I had it on Tuesday and on Thursday I noticed that my vision has changed. I can see read very... READ MORE

Double Vision Caused by Botox Migration?

A week and a half ago i woke up with double vision in my right eye when i look down. I've seen an eye specialist and ive had an MRI, eyes are healthy... READ MORE

Can botox treat blepharospasm?

Is Botox the only way to treat this condition I've been fighting for three years. I have a lot of other health problems as well. Two days after the... READ MORE

Is double vision normal after Botox for blepharospasms and how long does it last?

I had botox injections in my right eyelid. 6 days later this eye lid is almost completely closed and I have double and and blurred vision. Injector... READ MORE

It's been more than a month since I had botox and I still have double vision, is it going to get better?

I only can see normal when is close, if i look down ,if I cover one (whichever) eye or to the sides...she said she did 50 units around eyes and... READ MORE

I've had Botox for double vision and my eye won't open! (Photo)

Ive had BOTOX for double vision about 5 days ago and when I woke up next day my eye lid swelled up and it wouldn't fully open. I am not able to open... READ MORE

Unusual Side-effects from Glabella Botox, Wondering if They Will Go, if Anyone else Has Experienced This?

3rd time botox for glabella. This time injected b/w brow but also above the brow. These issues 2 weeks after the injections. First a heavy feeling... READ MORE

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