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I Think Botox Has Caused my Hearing Loss and Tinnitus - is This Common Side Effects?

I woke up one morning with dullness and tinnitus on my right ear that did not go away - this was 2 weeks after a Botox injection (20 units for crows... READ MORE

Botox Side Effects from Facial Tics Treatment

I had botox injections in June (6th) for facial tics. Unfortunately I went to a quack, an optomologis, who supposedly does this for medical reasons.... READ MORE

Will Sauna or Electro Muscle Toner Help Botox Wear Off Sooner?

I had botox 5 days ago, I just wanted a little between the eybrows. She said it has to be a full amount, otherwise it will not work. She did 1... READ MORE

How Long Should It Take for 2 Units of Botox Injected into my Forehead to Fade?

I've been receiving Botox injections over the past 2 years for synkinesis due to a case of Bell's Palsy in 2000. The injections have always... READ MORE

Anything I can do to wear off Botox quicker? (Photos)

Anything I can do to wear off Botox quicker faster. I have lip fillers 2/3 times a year and usually love My smile. But not now, 2weeks ago who I... READ MORE

Does Botox Interfere with Juvederm Dissolving?

I had Botox injections to my crows feet, bunny lines and "11's" and in the same appointment had Juvederm Ultra to fill in tear troughs.... READ MORE

Can You Use Botox in Same Area That You Had a Juvederm Injection? (photo)

I had a Juvederm injection over my right eyebrow two weeks ago. It left a lump and I want to have it removed with Hyaluronidase. Can I use Botox in... READ MORE

I have a crooked smile from botox. Is it from nefertiti or forehead botox? Please help (Photo)

A month ago I had nefertiti botox 50 units injected in jaw line. My smile has affected badly and can't stretch my mouth. few days before this I had... READ MORE

I Have Used Fillers and Botox for over 15 Years and Want a Facelift, How Can I Dissolve the Botox?

I have used facial fillers and Botox for 15 years. I am 58. I want to have a face lift can Wydase or Hylenex be used to remove the product that is... READ MORE

Mortified! Have I Created Permanent Lower Lid Creases Due to 3 Years of Inappropriate Botox Injections? Fearful of Lower Bleph.

Resolution for dynamic lower lid bunching? Had Botox, 3x year, 3 years. Initially, did forehead, furrows & crowsfeet. After a few treatments,... READ MORE

Does High Frequency treatments affected fillers and botox?

I get regular facials due to my acne breakouts. I have started going to a new place that offers a treatment called "High Frequency". It kind of makes... READ MORE

Botox Won't Wear Off After 5 Years In Frontalis?

Help I need a medical opinion - I had Botox 5 years ago and got the dr Spock result - I live in Ireland so Botox was relatively new and taboo at the... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for (High Doses) Botox Can Completely Gone?

1.5 years ago i had high doses Botox to shapping my face. The purpose to have high dose as i want to last longer, however i did not like the result... READ MORE

Could It Take More Than Six Months for Botox Under Eye/crows Feet to Go Away?

Six months ago, I had 2 units of botox under each eye and a moderate amount in the crow's feet. It caused bags under my and uncomfortable, dry eyes.... READ MORE

Does botox injected at different time intervals wear off all together?

I had 12 units (botox) injected into my forehead and then another 12 units (dysport) injected 2 weeks later. Will they wear off together or the first... READ MORE

Would expired fillers be okay as it dissolve with time?

A friend told me she had an expired filler injected abd she is ok. Would that as well ok as it dissolve with time. She can't afford full price. READ MORE

How is Botox released from the body?

I was recently told that when Botox dissolves from the area of injection it is released from the body through the liver. Is this true? READ MORE

I got a Botox lift a few weeks ago; possibly made things worse; also feeling weirded out by the filler injected. (photo)

A few weeks ago I had a Botox lift. Now my brows look more asymmetrical, sort of hooded, and my brows do not seem any higher. One eye seems to be... READ MORE

Smile issue w/ Botox & Juvederm at the same time?

On 9/8, I had Botox (4 units) in the muscle on both sides of my lower lip (smile lift). This was the 2nd time I had Botox. I asked for filler to the... READ MORE

Botox caused bulge in glabella making face look mean. Can this be fixed or do I have to wait until the botox dissolves? (photo)

On July 10, almost 3 months ago I received 6 units of botox in my forehead, 5 in my 11s, and 3 units in my upper nasal bridge. READ MORE

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