Blurry Vision + Botox

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Can Botox Injections Cause Blurry Vision?

Can vision be affected from Botox going too deep or too much injected? It's been almost a week, had 20 units in each area, and since then it has been... READ MORE

If I Were to Be Seriously Ill with Botox Would It More Likely Be Early After Injection?

I was injected with 20 Units of Botox for my frown lines 11 days ago. I had alot of terrible side effects, from 2 hrs after injection, chest... READ MORE

Why Did I End Up in the Emergency Room After Botox Injections?

I experienced horrible visual disturbances after Botox injections.  I ended up in the emergency room.  The doctor injected near my lower... READ MORE

Droopy Eyelid, and Blurred Vision Which is Affecting my Driving, and Causing Me to Feel Nauseous and Dizzy

I have been having botox without incident for a couple of years, including forehead...eyes only minimal. One week post injection, my L eyelid began to... READ MORE

Botox Moving Around Face Causing Swelling, Blurry Vision, High BP

Opthamologist thinks vision is blurry/changing b/c eyes are extremely dry. GP thinks I'm having a bad allergic reaction-2 Claritin/day helps. I... READ MORE

Headache and Blue Bulging Veins After Botox

I have had botox treatments on and off for over five years. I then took a two year break from Botox just because. A friend offered to pay for me to... READ MORE

How Long Does Strabism & Diplopia After Botox Injection Subsides?

Hello dear doctors i am a 60 years old woman,i had botox injection two weeks ago & i experienced a severe angioedema after that ...after the edema... READ MORE

How Can Botox Be Injected for Crows Feet Without Affecting my Vision?

I had Botox injected for crows feet and it drastically affected my vision. Really blurred vision, and the shots were not that close to the eye. Any... READ MORE

Botox: Day after 1st injection experiencing blurred vision, anxiety, dizziness, and nausea. Related?

I'm relatively young with only fine horizontal forehead lines so my dermatologist only used 10 units, injected in my upper forehead only. I now have... READ MORE

Is the blurry vision from Botox reversible? Will it go away?

Ive been getting botox for the past nine years and after the past couple of times been experiencing headaches, that eventually go away. however, this... READ MORE

My Left Eye is Ruined by Botox 10 Days After Forehead Injection. I Am Ready to Have a Breakdown!

I received botox to my forehead 1o days ago. . My left eye started tingling a few days later, and a week later my left eye is almost shut. My vision... READ MORE

Severe left eye ptosis after Botox 7 days ago to raise my eyebrows. Can it be fixed? (Photos)

I had 20 units botox 7 days ago. on 4th day my left brow drooped over my eye. right brow not as severe which made my brows asymmetrical. left eye is... READ MORE

How long does the blurred vision last after Botox injections?

I had Botox 5 weeks ago. Day 8 started having very bad headaches, blurred vision, dizziness and anxiety. All the symptoms went away,the blurred vision... READ MORE

Is it normal to have have blurry vision 5 weeks after botox?

It's been five weeks since I had 12 units of botox Injected around my crows feet. I have been suffering blurry vision since day 4. Will this subside... READ MORE

Is blurred vision vision after Botox a contradiction?

I was denied Botox by an expert injector last week. I reported to her that I needed to use my reading glasses much more for a couple of weeks after... READ MORE

Is double vision normal after Botox for blepharospasms and how long does it last?

I had botox injections in my right eyelid. 6 days later this eye lid is almost completely closed and I have double and and blurred vision. Injector... READ MORE

Can cosmetic tattoos or Botox, cause blepharitis?

I've been having some complications with my eyes ever since I got them tattooed. I've been suffering some light sensitivity and blurriness.... READ MORE

Hi Doctors Im getting botox injection plus atropine drops for the parotid fistula that I have inside my cheek?

What I want to know is what are the side effects of atropine ? I've been taking 2 drops every 4 hours for 3 weeks now ...I feel that atropine helps me... READ MORE

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