Asymmetry + Botox

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Botox Caused One Brow to Raise Higher Than the Other. What Can I Do?(photo)

Botox Cased One Eye Brow to Raise Higher Than the Other.Can the Lower One Be Raised to Meet It READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry and Paralysis After Botox

Is it normal for one side of my face to be larger or fatter than the other after Botox and with smile paralysis four months after the injections? ... READ MORE

What Can Fix my Asymmetric Eyebrows?

I'm a 17 year old male model, my eyebrows are slightly asymmetric. What can remedy this? Botox? Thank you! READ MORE

Is Botox or Filler Better for Correcting Lip Asymmetry?

I have a genetic condition the has resulted in one side of my face growing shorter than the other. I've had jaw realignment, which has drastically... READ MORE

Botox for Bulky Unilateral Masseter Muscle?

My left masseter muscle is much larger than my right. Could Botox help? I'm just worried my left masseter will end up smaller than my right. READ MORE

Can Botox Permanently Correct Jaw Asymmetry Due to Masseter Hypertrophy?

I've been reading that the effects of Botox on the masseter are long lasting but not permanent. Also, increased use of the masseter muscle can... READ MORE

Will Botox Fix my Asymmetrical Eyebrows/eyelids? (photo)

21 year old female. My right eyebrow's muscle is a lot stronger than my left. This makes it look uneven and is more apparent when I smile. My left eye... READ MORE

Botox Injection Possible on 1 Side of Jaw?

I have a prominent jawline on one side of my face and had Botox on both jaws before. On the side with the larger jaw, I noticed that its masseter... READ MORE

Ways to fix overactive eyebrow muscles?

My right eyebrow, with the exception of when my face is at complete rest, has the tendency to raise/arch significantly higher than my left which stays... READ MORE

One of my masseter muscles are bigger than the other?

One of my masseter muscles is larger than the other, is there any way of increasing the size of the smaller muscle? I believe the asymmetry is due to... READ MORE

Will Botox Work to Create a More Symmetrical Face Along the Jawline?

Hi. I'm 28 & plan on doing rhinoplasty/chin implant soon. one side of my face is more heart shape (i like) & the other is more square... READ MORE

Botox That Left There Upper Lip Lift Up More???

I had botox for crows feet, now my upper lip is uneven, not sure if the left side of my lip is lifting up more, or my right side is sagging??? has... READ MORE

Botox to Correct Brow / Eye Asymmetry w/o Affecting Hairline?

I would like to correct eyebrow asymmetry that also makes one eye look smaller. However, it's just the inside part of the brow seems too low. I do... READ MORE

How Long Before Asymmetry from Botox Gets Corrected?

I am a little over 14 weeks post-op from a bad Botox outcome, which caused brow asymmetry. In just the past few days, I think I am finally noticing... READ MORE

I have an Uneven Jaw. Is this something Botox or fillers can help, or do I need surgery/ shaving the jaw bone?

I have a very asymmetric jaw line. I judged to have very bad TMJ & jaw clicking for years after my braces. While my teeth appear to be straight, my... READ MORE

Can the Botox I Got Around my Eyes Have Caused the Corner of 1 Side of my Mouth to Droop?

2 days after injections, 2 around each corner of eye and 1 under eye, the corner of my mouth that widens the smile won't widen causing the shape to be... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Uneven Eyebrows/Eyes?

My eyebrows and eyes are asymmetrical and have bothered me for years. As I have aged the difference seems to have become more prominent. I have a jaw... READ MORE

What can I do for my eyebrows? One has a higher arch than the other. (photo)

Is Botox right for me to fix my asymmetric eyebrows ? One has a higher arch than the other. It's really noticeable when I laugh too bc the one with a... READ MORE

Annoying Asymmetrical Face - Hypertropia and Crooked Smile? (photo)

Recently i've become more aware of my upturned left eye & smile. When im tired photos can look like I've had a minor stroke! I'm 33, get botox for... READ MORE

Botox on Crows Feet Causing a Droopy Lip

I have had Botox on crows feet and now have droopy lip - asymetrical smile and I smile a lot... How long will this last? READ MORE

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