Antibiotic + Botox

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Do antibiotics fight off Botox?

I had Botox and then got the flu 4 days later and was given antibiotics 3 days after getting the flu. Yesterday my forehead was nice and smooth and... READ MORE

Can I get Botox with this infection and feeling awful?

I went to the doctor yesterday, I have a respiratory infection and was put on antibiotics. I feel pretty bad. I have appointment for Botox injection... READ MORE

Botox with Antibiotics Confilcting Information

I have read on several sites that antibiotics interact with botox and on this forum it is said there is no reaction, I am confused.  <<URL... READ MORE

Taking Antibiotics while you have Botox and Juvederm?

I have heard that if you take antibiotics while you have botox, the botox will fade fast, I just got juvederm and botox a week ago and now I have a... READ MORE

Will Taking an Antibiotic, Like Doxycycline for Acne Interfere with the Efficacy of Botox?

I take 100mg of doxycycline a day for acne. I have had some botox done one recently for cosmetic reasons and wonder if taking the antibiotic might... READ MORE

I Am Getting Botox Done on Saturday but I Am on Antibiotics?

I am getting Botox done on Saturday but I have had a bad chest infection which I have been on antibiotics and was also given an asthma pump which I... READ MORE

Botox After Splenectomy

I Had a Splenectomy & Take Erythromycin, I Also Have Mild Psoriasis. Is Botox Safe for Me? READ MORE

Is it safe to have Botox treatment whilst on Nitrofurantoin for urine Infection?

I am due to have Botox on tuesday and am currently taking Nitrofurantoin for a urine infection. Will it be safe to have the treatment and will it work... READ MORE

Can I take 500 mg amoxicillin and get Botox and Restylane injections on the same day?

I will take 500 mg of amoxicilin as a prophylatic when I have my teeth cleaned because I have a congenital heart defect. I scheduled an appointment to... READ MORE

Botox for jaw reduction

Hi iv just had botox to reduce the size of my jaw muscle . Today I have bad tooth pain which I think is a tooth infection. Is it okay to have... READ MORE

Dropped eyelids after Botox, would antibiotics help my situation? (photo)

I had botox done on my forehead, eyebrows and crows feet on the 7 th of February two hours after injecting i have had rubbed my right eye, the second... READ MORE

Botox and Augmentin antibiotic interaction?

I had Botox this past Friday approx 20 units. Today I was prescribed Augmentin for a sinus infection. I was almost vomiting and I wanted to know if a... READ MORE

Can Botox to masseter muscle affect my ears?

Hello, I had Botox to my MASSETER muscle 5 weeks ago and I've had ear problems ever since. It started 2 days after the Botox with pain in the ears. I... READ MORE

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