2 Months Post-op + Botox

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Discoloration of Skin in Area of Injections - Botox & Juvederm Combination

8 weeks ago I had my 1st treatment.Botox with a tiny bit of Juvederm for the "11s" between my brows.Also fillers at the corners of my mouth,... READ MORE

I Had Jaw Reduction Botox 2 and a Half Months Ago but Now my Jaw is the Same and my Cheeks Have Really Sunken In. What Happened?

I had botox for jaw reduction 2 and a half moths ago. I really hate the results. The jaw is the same but my cheeks have sunken in and I feel that the... READ MORE

Why Did my Botox Only Last Two Months in Forehead?

I had my second Botox treatment about 2 and 1/2 months ago in my forehead and crows feet. I can now move my forehead again completely. Isn't it... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Botox and Experiencing Numbness and Tingling?

How do I know if my botox injector struck a nerve ? I recieved botox treatment 7 weeks ago 26 cc for in between the eye brows and am experiencing... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Left Cheek to Treat Chronic Pain for Trigeminal Neuralgia - I Now Have an Uneven Smile – Nerve Damage? (photo)

I had the Botox (quite alot of injections) almost 2 months ago and im not noticing much of an improvement - My GP thinks the dr that did my botox may... READ MORE

Can Temporalis Muscle Wasting from Botox Be Reversed? (photo)

I had a 4th tx with Botox injections for migraine 7 weeks ago. It was ineffective for MHA. I had temporary weakness when chewing. Then noticed gradual... READ MORE

Am I Permanently Disfigured with Swollen, Puffy, Eyes from Botox? 8 Weeks Post Injection. (photo)

I am 56 days past having my forehead only treated with 21 units of botox. I am horribly disfigured and have shown absolutely NO signs of improvment. I... READ MORE

Why did Botox cause hollowness around my eyes? How long will it last?

A few days after botox injections, I noticed hollowness around my eyes followed by eye bags. What is causing the hollowness? I also have ptosis in my... READ MORE

Face Seems Bigger and Distorted After Botox for Square Jaw Reduction?

Hi i had 40 units of botox for square jaw reduction 2 months back. For the first month, right side of my face swelled up and muscles were really tight... READ MORE

How Soon After an Open Revision Rhinoplasty Can I Have Botox Around my Eyes and Forehead?

I'm am now 10 weeks post op & I am wondering if it is now ok to have botox around my eyes and forehead or is it still too soon and can it... READ MORE

Botox Injection Under my Armpits.. BUT Now Am Sweating?

I had botox injection under my armpits about two months ago and tried to avoid waxing their as much as possible .. 3 days ago I've noticed sweat... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Muscle Contractions Above Right Eyebrow 2 Months After Botox?

I rec'd Botox for my "11" lines and forehead about 2 months ago. I have been thrilled with the results however 3 days ago I started noticing tingling... READ MORE

Severe problems after Botulin Toxin for frown lines and Crows Feet. Will I fully recover from this?

Dear Doctors, I'm 8 weeks post treatment. Severe problems after Botulin Toxin for frown lines and Crows Feet. Undereye bags, dry eyes, eye pain,cheeck... READ MORE

Ugly Swollen Itchy Welt After Botox, Will It Ever Go Away or I Just Ruined my Face for Good?

I got botox for the first time 2 months ago in my forehead and in the crows feet.I had a small bump at the incision site, on the outer corner of my... READ MORE

Botox Brow Ptosis with Creases Under Eyebrows (Toward Bridge of Nose)?

2 months after a set of Botox injections for my brow, suddenly my brows dropped & creases developed right underneath both eyebrows, toward the... READ MORE

2 Months Post Botox my Eyelids Are Hooded (Sagging) and Very Uneven. Will It Resolve? (photo)

Anything I Can Do to Make It Look Better? 1 yr ago, first treat at 38 y/o on my forehead and around eyes. My brows dropped and my eyelids become very... READ MORE

Botox treatment of masseter (for facial slimming). I can't smile properly, or raise my cheeks. Should I be worried?

Its been two months that I had Botox treatment of masseter (for facial slimming). I am unable to riase my cheeks and cant smile wide enough. This is... READ MORE

Is Filler or Botox the Reason for the Line Under my Eye?

2 months ago I had my cheeks treated with juvederm and a week later had botox for crows feet. I had a tiny amount of botox injections injected under... READ MORE

10 Weeks Post-Botox: Shelve Under Eyes and a Lot of Wrinkles? (photo)

I had Botox a few times with great results. This time I went to a different doctor and I got shelves under the eyes when I smile and a bit of a puffy... READ MORE

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