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Facial Exercise or Scowling for Working Botox into Muscles?

I had a Botox injection (8 units) for the first time yesterday, for the frown lines between my brows. I was wondering, why I was told to exercise the... READ MORE

Can I Go Running 48 Hrs After Getting Botox?

I just had botox yesterday morning and I was wondering is it ok to go running tomorrow afternoon? is it ok if my forehead sweats? READ MORE

Had First Botox Injection Today. Now Above Each Brow I Have Bumps?

I hady first Botox injection today. Between my brows and a tiny bit on forehead. Now above each brow (symmetrically) I have bumps. Almost like a... READ MORE

Brows and Lids Feel Heavy After Botox

It is only 1 day since I had Botox for the first time and my eyebrow/ eyelid area feel heavy. I looks like it may be sagging a bit in the outer corner... READ MORE

Will Massage 2 Hours After Treatment Affect Botox?

I have just had my first Boxtox treatment done between my eyebrows. I was advised not to lie down for 4 hours but nothing was mentioned about applying... READ MORE

I Just Received my First Botox Injections Yesterday and It's Worse, Not Better. Normal?

I just received my first Botox injections yesterday. They are from a very reputable plastic surgeon, so he knows what he's doing - but it seems... READ MORE

When Can I Apply my Normal Skin Cream After Botox

I had botox to frown lines and forehead yesterday and was wanting to ask when i can start using my face cream again and if i can use my enzyme peel? READ MORE

Pain After Botox for Several Days

I got Botox injections between my eyebrows 3 days ago. My firehead sores a lot! I can't touch the area where i got injections. I can't wash my... READ MORE

Someone Moved my Forehead Up and Down Right After I Had Botox Injections- Did I Damage My Results?

I was always told that you should not move your forehead, put your head down for 4 hours or go to sleep after botox. I know have a droopy eyelid.... READ MORE

Can Botox Make You Feel Ill?

I had Botox yesterday and felt fine, I was shopping for clothes afterwards and became very hot but I was still feeling well,then I had to run for the... READ MORE

Did Patting the Brow Ruin Botox Result?

Received my first Botox injection and was advised to do certain things but I didn't ask how to know when you've done the "bad things" (touched your... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Take Acetaminophen 24 Hours After Botox?

Is It Okay to Take Acetaminophen 24 Hours After Botox? READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have Red Dots and Can See Exactly Where Botox Was Injected Near Crows Feet? In This Permanent?

Some of 4 out of the 6 injection sites are still visible after 24 hrs. All the literature states they should resolve in redness after a few hrs. Is... READ MORE

I Rubbed My Botoxed Area by Mistake 28 Hours (1 Day) After the Injection?

I was having a shower 28 hours after my botox injection (between the eyebrows). I was washing up and got some soap in my eye. Without thinking, I... READ MORE

Popped Pimple Near Botox Injection Site?

About half an hour after receiving Botox injections on my "11s" (24 units), I absentmindedly popped a pimple on my forehead. It was above my injection... READ MORE

Is Swelling And Lumpiness 1 Day After Botox In Chin Normal?

I had Botox injections in my chin yesterday to smooth out the muscle (by a board certified cosmetic surgeon). Today, the muscle that was injected is... READ MORE

Just After Botox, How Do I Do The Mimic Movements? (photo)

I just injected botox today on my forehead, between my eyebrows,and eye area! and my doctor asks me i should do '' mimik movements ''... READ MORE

Had Botox/Filler Injections Yesterday, Hit my Left Cheek/Nose by Accident, Nose Now Seem Lower on Left Side Nostril? (photo)

I had filler and botox injections yesterday and accidentally hit my nose/cheek on left side a few hrs later. This afternoon I freaked out when... READ MORE

Swelling and redness after Botox (Photo)

I got 45 units of Botox injected yesterday: forehead, between brows, crows feet. using Botox 8+ years. never experienced these symptoms before.... READ MORE

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