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How Do I Get Botox Injections for Migraines?

Do I Go to Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon or Neurologist for botox migraine treatment? READ MORE

Jaw Pain and Nausea After Botox for Migraines

I had botox for migraines 4 days ago and during the procedure got REALLY nauseated (which I assume was normal) and I am still nauseated, but my... READ MORE

Neck soreness after Botox for migraine. Other than ice, is it OK to use heat?

Had my first botox treatment for migraines 4 days ago and feeling headache free for 2 days now but have neck and shoulder soreness it think from the... READ MORE

Does anyone do Botox for chiari headaches? I have a chiari 1. A Botox migraine clinic said they wouldn't treat me? Lost.

I have a chiari type one with 9mm herniation. I currently use botox on my face with no problems. Think it would help with intense pain at the base of... READ MORE

Should I be able to feel some effect from Botox injections from migraines?

Should your head feel numb in places or what? I suffer from chronic migraines and had botox injections two days ago, but haven't noticed anything... READ MORE

I've had migraines since I was a child, what can you tell me that helps.

I've had migraines since I was a child, and have tried almost every remedy under the sun. I now take medication in the morning and afternoon to help... READ MORE

Now that the insurances are paying for Botox for migraines..

Now that they are advertising botox as a medication for migraines, and insurances are paying for it, are u aware of any stipulations when the... READ MORE

Strange feeling with Botox. Is this going away over time?

I have had botox 3 times in the past 9 months for migraines and had no problems. 3 Days ago, I had it done again and am now having weird side effects.... READ MORE

How do I fix droopy eyelids from Botox?

I recently got Botox injections for migraines. The doctor said that droppy eyelids would be a severe side affect and within 1 week I noticed it. Is... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in California, either the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles, who specialize in migraine surgery?

I'm aware that Doctor Guyuron practices in Ohio and there are a few other docs in the midwest and East who do migraine surgery, but I'd really like to... READ MORE

Botox for migraines. Why can't my doctor put the injections into my 11s?

I asked my doctor if he could inject Botox for my migraines in my "problem" areas (my bad 11's). He said no BC he's not trained to inject in those... READ MORE

Suffering from migraines. Please help

I'm 40 yrs old female besides suffering from migraines every day I'm health I very been suffering from headaches all my life in the past year or two... READ MORE

Does Botox worked to alleviate cluster headaches? If so does it have to be administered by a neurologist?

I have suffered the unbearable pain of cluster headaches for 20 years. I take max-alt and breath oxygen for relief. I need to know if Botox shots will... READ MORE

11 months ago, I had Botox for migraines. Right after, burning in throat and behind eyes. Will it go away?

11 months ago had botox for migraines right after burning in throat and behind eyes will it go away READ MORE

I got Botox for chronic migraines so not cosmetically different parts in the face muscles and in the neck/muscle band (Photo)

Also in the hair line. This is now my second treament if your insurance covers it ladies try it it took me from 15 a day to 0 in one 3 month treament... READ MORE

Took a nap and woke up with a migraine. I am so unsure what to do.

I have suffer with migraines Oct 3 I had a seizure so they put me on seizure meds. They first put me on depokate ( i had bad side affects) and then... READ MORE

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