Now that the insurances are paying for Botox for migraines..

Now that they are advertising botox as a medication for migraines, and insurances are paying for it, are u aware of any stipulations when the insurance covers the botox, as in any areas the doctor cannot inject for the migraine because its considered cosmetic? and i have health alliance plan, does anyone know if they cover the new botox tx for migraines, oh and also one more question, i wouldnt want my family doc to do the botox , are there specially trained drs for the botox for migrain

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Botox for Migraines

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Botox can be injected into the forehead, around the ear, back of the head, and neck muscles to help migraines. If you have chronic migraines I suggest being evaluated by a neurologist. Please consult with a board certified cosmetic dermatologist for treatment. Best, Dr. Emer

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Insurance cover forBtx

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In Canada, most insurance companies will cover the cost of Botox for migraine. They are becoming more precise in their definition, though. The confirmation form will require information about type of headaches, frequency, medication used etc before they will authorise this medication.

Rick Balharry, MD
Calgary Physician

Insurance coverage for Botox Treatments

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Some insurance plans will cover. However, the guidelines are not consistent. Therefore, you will need to check with your plan to understand your coverage. 

Botox for Migraines

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Many insurance companies are now covering Botox for the treatment of migraine headaches.  Often they will require a prior authorization be done first.  Several have certain stipulations that must have been met first such as the patient has seen a neurologist in the past and tried 1, 2, or 3 medications for the problem, or a certain number of headaches per month.  Only one of the insurance companies I know of that covers Botox for migraines mandates that a neurologist do the procedure (Providence) instead of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.   I am not familiar with the Health Alliance Plan, and I don't practice in Michigan.

Marla M. Klein, MD
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Botox for migranes

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Some insurances pay for botox for migranes but you would have to check with your individual insurance carrier.  It is usually done by neurologist (if want it covered) and usually have to follow a protocol of medicines they need to try and fail before insurance pays.  Board certified Dermatologist and board certified plastic surgeons can perform the injections as well however it would be considered cosmetic and cant bill the insurance for migranes.  Hope this helps and have a great day.
Dr. Buatti

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