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Glabellar Lines and Lower, Narrower Eyebrows After Botox Migraine Injections?

I have been getting botox injections for migraines for at least 8 years. I have my dermatologist do the injections. He injects the area between my... READ MORE

Significant Indentations from Botox Migraine Treatment?

I received botox 3 months ago for treatment of migraines. 3 weeks later I noticed a dime size depression over my eyebrow which has gotten worse so... READ MORE

Botox for Migraines: Creating More Intense Headaches Than Before

I just had about 200 units of Botox administered for chronic tension headaches. This was performed by a neurologist in Atlanta, GA. The injections... READ MORE

Muscle Pain when Botox For My Migraines Wears Off

I have had two treatments of Botox for migraines. I can tell when they start to wear off by the pain returning to my face. Right now is time to do it... READ MORE

Pain from Botox Injected into Scar Tissue on Face for Migraines?

I had Botox injections for Chronic Migraines (caused by Head Trauma a few months ago) and it was pure torture. I was offered no numbing cream, or pain... READ MORE

Will botox cause a migraine sufferer more migraine attacks?

I'm considering botox; I have had regular migraines with my monthlies; Am I therefore more likely to suffer migraines AFTER botox? READ MORE

Botox cause heaviness around mouth and sagging? (photos)

My doctor was giving me 200 units of Botox for migraines for a course of one year in a half. I also got additional Botox around eyes but; after a few... READ MORE

I'm currently receiving Botox treatment for migraines and severe nerve pain in the neck. Last treatment 3 weeks ago. .

I'm in a lot of pain and think I need a Massage. I was advised not to get massages anymore. Will this stop the effectiveness of the botox?. Help please? READ MORE

Botox for post concussive headaches/migraines?

I got a concussion a year ago. Since then, I've had bad migraines mostly stemming from neck pain in the suboccipital region. My doc suggested botox... READ MORE

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