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Why am I feeling a pin prick feeling under my incision 1 month post op?

I had a 360 body lift exactly one month ago today. I'm healing up very nicely so far. No problems. No major issues. I did, however, wake up this... READ MORE

Compression Garments are killing me! Is it shaping me or reducing swelling, reducing scars etc? Super excited re results (Photo)

I am post op day 9 from a belt lipectomy, tummy tuck and arm lift. I have had a pretty easy journey with pain hovering 5-6 out of 10 and sometimes 7.... READ MORE

How long will the swelling and pain last? (Photo)

I had a circumferential body lift about 1week and 4 days how long does the swelling in the stomach last is their anything I can take for the swelling... READ MORE

Are there any board certified plastic surgeons familiar with Lipedema and would do Pro-bono or discounted WAL lipo for it?

I have lipedema and can't afford the cost ($20K) of going to Germany where there are surgeons (Dr. Stutz, being one) that have been doing this... READ MORE

Has Anyone Ever Become Physically Disabled from a LBL Surgery Mishandling Their Groin?

I feel that I am disabled, I can only sit for a short while and work is very very hard for me. I come home and cry and moan and that's it.I worry... READ MORE

What is the comparison in recovery time, pain and discomfort between a lower body lift and an upper body lift?

I had an upper body lift in December (arms, breasts without implants, and flanks). I am considering LBL in the future. The UBL was not painful, but... READ MORE

Still Having Pain in Lower Back with Swelling and Numbness in my Leg?

Had LBL in december had a really good recovery. I had a problem with re occurring seromas in my back which were drained three times. They kept coming... READ MORE

Severe swelling and staph infection after LBL, need opinions. Is this swelling within the range of normal? (Photo)

LBL 9/29. Day 10-had fever of 102. Started Keflex & then switched to Levaquin. Cultures showed staph-I'm still running a low fever every day,... READ MORE

What are some possible reasons why one side of my butt is high, swollen and painful post lower body lift? (Photo)

I'm trying not to freak out but this looks pretty bad & I can't stop staring at it. My doctor has over 25 years of experience and I have confidence in... READ MORE

I'm 7 weeks post-op after having a 360 body lift. How do you know when you're ready to not wear the compression garment anymore?

I've been diligent about wearing my garment and for the last week or so I've not wearing it as much and either wearing spanx shorts or just underwear.... READ MORE

Can Sex Ruin a Backplasty?

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago but just recently had sex, and now the incision hurts. Could this be just from irritation or busted stitches? My drain is... READ MORE

Can the Presence of Lordosis Present a Problem During a Circumferential Belt Lipectomy?

I think I lost a lot of suspensive properties when nice hip padding and upper leg prominence was removed because my natural "sort of off the... READ MORE

Can a Lymphatic Massage Help with Pain Management 4 Years After I Had a Beltectomy?

I had a gastric bypass in 07 and the following year I had a beltectomy overseas. In 2010 my mid section started swelling up .I later had a catscan on... READ MORE

Is painful sexual intercouse normal after lower body lift?

I had a lower body lift 7 weeks ago and look and feel amazing, however, I am now having pain during sexual intercourse, which I have never had prior... READ MORE

10 day post op on Body Lift, Thigh, and Buttock Lift. Can I do too much at this point of recovery?

Hello, I am 10 days post operative, body lift, thigh and buttock lift. I have been on my feet most of the day since 8 days post op.... I still have... READ MORE

Should I Insist on Better Pain Management for Second Surgery?

I am 50 years old with a 100 pound weight loss. This past July I underwent an extended brachioplasty, together with a extended mastopexy with implants... READ MORE

Pain Level for Multiple Procedures?

Hello, I am looking at having a tummy tuck, breast lift/augmentation and a thigh lift done at the same time. I am wondering if this is unreasonable to... READ MORE

Is it normal to start swelling again and feel sharp pains after weeks of no pain at all?

I had a lower body lift 14 weeks ago and have felt amazing up until 4 days ago. I started back at the gym 3 weeks ago and have been taking it easy and... READ MORE

Post operative pain after lower body lift, will it really be feasible to go home same day?

Scheduled for a body lift in the new year on an outpatient basis-I am worried about the pain, will it really be feasible to go home same day READ MORE

I weighed 550 lbs, now weigh 255. Will an apron removal be worth the pain and healing? (Photo)

I'm supposed to get surgery Wednesday June 10, but am worried it won't be enough removed to benefit from it.. READ MORE

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