Woman Gets 100 Silicone Injections to Have World's Largest Lips

MakenzieR on 23 Nov 2011 at 1:00pm

If you thought model Priscilla Caputo had the most outrageous lips you’ve ever seen, think again.  The woman on the right is 22-year-old Kristina Rei from Russia.  She’s had 100 silicone lip injections -- and intends to get more.

She had her first injection at 17.  Rei says she hasn’t experienced any pain or bad reactions to the procedures, and notes that her big lips “have helped boost my confidence. Even my parents are happy for me. They really don't care about my appearance.”

She wants to look like cartoon vixen Jessica Rabbit, although if you ask me, Rabbit’s eyes and boobs are far larger (proportionately) than her lips.  Rei told The Daily Mail that Rabbit “was my idea of the perfect woman.

jessica rabbit plastic surgery“From the age of four I thought my lips seemed thinner than everyone else's, and I decided when I was quite young to get them enhanced.”

Obviously her notoriety has attracted some negative attention and lots of harsh judgement.  But cartoon lips or not, Rei sounds like she’s pleased with her modifications. 

Even with the stares on the street and the fact that her friends think she’s done enough, she says she’s “not satisfied yet.”

As for looking like Jessica Rabbit in other ways? The admittedly-addicted woman says “When I can afford it I want to enlarge my breasts from a C-cup to a DD, change the shape of my nose and I want to make my ears pointed like an elf. It's good to be different.”

Kristina Rei is definitely not the norm in the world of cosmetic procedures.  But in my quickness to want to write her off as a wacko, I had to ask “How is this any different from someone getting lots of tattoos?”  As long as she is doing it in a sterile environment with professional injectors...

What do you think?

Kristina Rei world's biggest lips

Photo credit: The Daily Mail; wikinut.com