Will you be packing my nose?


I tell patients, "We do not pack the nose"

I tell patients that there's no need to put any tampons up inside their nose. A misconception about nose surgery is that the nose has to be packed with packing on the inside of the nose after a rhinoplasty.

This makes them feel very, very comfortable, especially if they're having a revision rhinoplasty surgery done. Many of the patients that had their nose job done fifteen or ten years ago or twenty years ago had a very bad experience because of the packing placed in their nose. And I assure them, I'm not going to place any packing in their nose.

Packing was something that was done after a nasal surgery many, many years ago and doctors still today pack noses for no reason. The packing itself hurts, it's extremely uncomfortable and patients will have to be on heavy narcotics because of it.

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Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon