Reversal + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Magic Epicanthoplasty Reversal

Hello, I got double eyelid surgery (partial incision) along with medial epi. I regret the ep SO much! I feel like my eyes are TOO close together =( I... READ MORE

Possible to Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery?

If the eyelid creases are too high, can it be lowered? The doctor may have taken a lot of skin and fat tissue. Can it be repaired with fat grafting? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reverse Asian Blepharoplasty?

Hi, I couldn't find info on reversing asian double eyelid surgery so I would like to hear more. I had asian non-incisional blepharoplasty done 3... READ MORE

Can Double Eyelid Surgery Be Reversed?

Can a Double Eye Lid Surgery Done with Laser Be Removed, Back to Having No Line at All?  It has been 11 months since the surgery and it is too... READ MORE

Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery and Recreate Monolid?

Clarifying - I chose a wrong procedure undergoing double asian eyelid surgery. I wanted to keep my monolid, but simply wing out my lid and get a lift... READ MORE

Can a Nonincisional Asian Eyelid Surgery Be Reversed After One Month?

I had a nonincision Asian double eyelid surgery to raise the fold higher so my eyes are not so heavy. After one month, I can feel the 3 point knots... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery?

I had asian eyelid surgery six days ago and the eyelid creases are too high, can it be lowered? Or will they lower on they own soon? Also, its too... READ MORE

Can I get my Asian eyelid surgery reversed? (photos)

I am half asian, and I had multiple surgeries when I was 11 to turn my almond eyes round. I was wondering if there was a possible way to make my eyes... READ MORE

When is the Best to Reverse Non-incision Double Eyelid Surgery?

I've done my non-incision double eyelid surgery. If I'm not satisfied with the result, when is the best reverse the surgery? I have natural double... READ MORE

Can an epicanthoplasty be reversed without scarring?

I originally had natural double eyelids but I had ptosis and as symmetry.   I had an epicanthoplasty,  double lid surgery and ptosis repair... READ MORE

I am regretting my double eyelid (suturing method) 2 weeks after. Considering to reverse procedure. Please advise. (Photo)

I am regretting my double eyelid ( suturing method) 2 weeks after. I read time is of essence and I should do reversal as soon as possible before scar... READ MORE

Can Asian Lateral Canthoplasty/canthotemy be reversed? Are there long term consequences in stability with redoing this? (Photo)

I received lateral canthoplasty in Korea in 2011 and the outer corner of my left eye was too droopy, too elongated, and you can see a lot of pink... READ MORE

Reversing Fats Removal?

I'm 24 years old. 8 weeks ago I had Asian double eyelid revision surgery. my doctor removed quite a lot of fats at the area which is around the end of... READ MORE

I'm 10 days post epi, lateral, ptosis & rev double eyelid surgery. Ptosis failed? Eyes too close/crease high & hollow (Photo)

I am wondering if the epi made my eyes too close or if it is simply swelling. Also lateral canthoplasty looks way too high and I want very badly to... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Getting my Pre-op Eyes Back?

Reversing Non Incision Asian Double Lids (Suture Method) After 3-4 Months, What Are the Chances of Getting my Pre-op Eyes Back? In Dec, I had... READ MORE

Is it possible to revise my blepharoplasty? (Photos)

I am an Asian. I did incisional blepharoplasty (europaisation) and not satisfied with results after 2 months. The crease is high, my eyes now look... READ MORE

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