Wrinkle Relaxer Brow Lifts


Hi, Dr Murray here.

Just a quick chat regarding wrinkle relaxer brow lifts.

As mentioned before there are many different methods of doing this but you have you be careful on which one you choose as some can give you an eyebrow or eyelid droop.

The basic anatomy is that the muscle around the eye and the procerus muscle pull down. If we relax these muscles not only do we reduce the crow’s feet but we reduce the frown and you can get some lift.

There was an old method where you put wrinkle relaxer through the brow but you need to be extremely careful of this. If you see an eyelid droop you know how inconvenience it can be for patients. I do the “Murray method” of threading to avoid that but overall, I try to avoid injecting that area.

There is an older method where you can do the forehead but you go up in a line and this can look quite effective in the first few times you do it, although it can give the “Mephisto” effect which Nicole Kidman has allegedly had in the past.

The other method of doing the brow is to do a curve so that this part of the eyelid does still manage to lift. Really you must be careful treating the brow at all in some patients as it can just go like this.

There is another method we do called the “end point” method and you actually wink and find the muscle that is pulling down and inject that to give some lift.

Basically, with all these methods you have to be careful not to give an eyelid or eyebrow droop, although if you’re avoiding the forehead this is much less likely. there are other methods of lifting the eyebrow such as closed thread lifts and the brow lifts.

These are great to talk to your physician about but you may find that these larger operations are quite expensive and do have significant down time.

While the closed threads can be handy they are quite variable as to how long they do last and how good the effectiveness is. they are still a very convenient procedure.

Take care,

Dr Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine

Article by
Nedlands Physician