I wanted to regain some of the long lost volume in my face and I did it with Sculptra.


I look at my photos in my early twenties, the difference between then and now (I am 43 years old), is that my cheeks were fuller, but my body was slimmer.  Now, it is just the opposite, my body holds more weight in the wrong places and my face is slimmer.  For the past 2 years I’ve talked about doing a procedure for my deep malar lines and the hollowness of my under eye area.  The malar lines are the creases that can sit on top of the cheek.  These along with the sunkeness underneath my eyes gave me a tired, aged look.  I wanted to regain some of the long lost volume in my face which attributed to my youthful look and do it with a long lasting product that would build up the area without any downtime.  Sculptra appealed to me because it forced my own tissue to produce more collagen.  The buildup was gradual and the results were very natural.  My co-worker, Karen, also wanted to fill in her chin area to create a smoother jawline, her under eye area, and her nasolabial folds.  In early Spring Karen and I decided to have our first treatment of Sculptra.  Our nurse applied some topical and we sat for 1 hour and then had the injection.    I immediately loved my results.  Right after the treatment, I had swelling in the area which looked great.  I remember thinking, “This is how I want my results to look.”  After a couple of days, my swelling went down and the collagen slowly began to build.  Six weeks later, I was re-evaluated and had my second treatment with a block.  I strongly recommend having a block as it numbed my cheeks and was much more comfortable.  It’s been over six weeks from that time and I like my results even more.  My under eye area looks refreshed and I was thrilled that my own collagen gave me this awesome result.  I’ve gotten comments from friends that say I look great, but they have no idea, until I tell them, that I had Sculptra.  The nurse jokingly says, “You look like you are with us now.”  “Hmmm, where was I before Sculptra?”  As soon as the schedule permits, I will have the upper eyelid lift to complete the eye area.  Karen just had her second injection.  She is a “delicate flower as I call her” and bruises easily, but her jawline and nasolabial folds are smoothing out nicely.  Another perk that I noticed is that the skin in my cheek area looks better.  It is something about the extra production of collagen (protein) that makes the skin look healthier.  This is a great treatment either alone or combined with other facial procedures like the Midfacelift, facelift, Eyelid lift or Browlift.

written by:  Melody Marigny, Patient Counselor

Article by
Oakland Plastic Surgeon