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I tried posting before, but I didn't do it right...

I tried posting before, but I didn't do it right so here is everything a more:

I had my first child at 17, and had my last little one at 25. I breastfeed all of my children for over a year and my boobs are done, sad and not very happy. I'm approaching a discovery phase and want to change not only my body but my life. My motivation is to start new and do something for myself and revive my body :) On Monday 6/25 I have my pre-op apt, I'm pretty nervous and not sure what to really expect. I've never had surgery before and I just want everything to come out okay. I was referred to Dr. Joseph Togba by a co-worker who had her BA done about 4 years ago and she looked great. It took me over a year to book the consultation, but I was very happy once I did.

When I went in for my consultation it was such a warm, comforting experience. Dr. Togba knows his stuff and is very helpful and with answering any questions and covering what is super important.

I'm looking to go with a 400-450, I'm pushing more for a 450 to go with the frame and curves that I already have.

Overall I'm looking forward to it, kinda nervous but ready to do something amazing for myself. I work a very demanding job supporting a company and not only being a mom. I'm a little worried about returning to work and maintaining my household but I know all will be okay. I already scheduled a housekeeper to come in on Thursday and plan on grocery shopping while I can.

Update: 5/26: I just has my final consultation and paid for everything. It went great. I decided to go with 450 ( a bigger size) :) Dr. T answered ALL of my questions and really gave me the time that I needed to get all of my questions and concerns out. He calmed a lot of my nerves and I got a better feel for him as a Dr. and I must say he is an amazing dr and person! He loves what he does and really cares. His staff is amazing and very open and understanding. I got my script for my meds and got more understanding on what to expect before and after. I plan on posting tons of pics and update my journey for anyone that is thinking about doing this. I also chatted with another patient of Dr. T's and she loves him as well, she had gotten a different procedure. She had nothing but amazing things to say. In my discussion with this nice lady I discovered my real reason for getting this done. I have been a mom for ALL of my adult life, I have sacrificed so much and have given and given as a mother should. I was a mom so much I lost a lot of the core of who I am and doing something for myself. I lost the desire to get dressed up, go out and be social. I lost the desire to wear make up properly and even buy anything new for me. Working and being a mother was all I had ever known. However, I'm not a typical young mother, I work my ass off and have the best well-behaved kids in the world. I wanted to set my "Super Mommy" cape on the hook for a little while and put the "Sexy Me" cape on. This procedure is something that I am doing solely for me. I love my body and love to look at it and I've always loved my breasts when I was breastfeeding and wished they would stay that way. If you are worried about what people will think about you getting a procedure done, don't! This is your life, your body. You are beautiful the way you are, but if you want to accessories then do it. This is something very special for me and I'm really looking forward to it. I've typed a ton, hope not to bore... I will update you all on Friday!!! OMG I'm super nercited! (that's being nervous and excited at the same time) ^^*

Updated on 27 Jun 2012:
6/27: 2 days away and I'm so ready! Still a little in shock that I'm going for it but super excited. I've been on here everyday reading different reviews and re-reading all of my paper work. I'm so ready and can't wait to post pics!

All done, I will try and be as descriptive as...

All done, I will try and be as descriptive as possible.

I went in at 6:30a, did all the paperwork for the surgery center and got prepped by the nurses who were super nice and caring.

I met with the anesthesiologist about 7:15a who did my iv. Then Dr. T came in to mark me, it was very interesting, up until I saw my dr I felt so nervous. As soon as he walked in I felt safe and a little more at ease. Once I was marked the anesthesiologist came back and gave me some awesome meds to relax. I don't even remember being in the operating room. I work up about 11:15a and didn't really feel anything. Just super tired and relaxed. I don't really remember much but the nurse I had kept asking me tons of questions which at that point I wish she didn't, but I understand she was doing her job. They called my ride and I was on my way.

The ride home I was ok, I got home took some meds and passed out. I woke up every 3 hours or so. My SO mom stayed with me and I was more worried about making her feel comfortable in my home than anything. The pain I felt wasn't what I expected. Honestly to me I felt worse. I felt like I was engorgement with milk and couldn't get a feeding in. I moved around a bit then would pass out and did that for most of the day. I didn't want to be alone, I still don't. So far I've been very good and taken care of. I hopped on my phone at some point to let everyone know I was home and okay, check and responded to a few emails and chatted with my mom. I tried to watch tv but kept passing out. I took my meds to make me more comfortable and I drank water and apple juice. I peed a lot and it was a little hard to use the bathroom but I managed. I took a few peeks at my boobs and they look awesome.

1-day post-

I feel pretty sore but okay. I'm expecting a call from my dr today and I'm really looking forward to hearing from him. I haven't eaten yet and my appetite is not fully there. My family and friends have been 100% supportive and so awesome! I feel great, and ready to see what they look like without the bandages.Only complaint is my surgical bra is kinda ugly...lol but all is well.

Had a phone call w/ my dr today. He told me that I...

Had a phone call w/ my dr today. He told me that I can remove the tape and shower today. He also told me to take a walk which I did but left me pretty uncomfortable after :( Thank God for the pain pills. I'm so glad I did this and looking forward to a great recovery. I can not thank the people around me enough for their support and love.

Until tomorrow- Good night ^^*

7/1- Today I feel pretty good, still a little...


Today I feel pretty good, still a little stiff and moving kinda slow.I put on a sports bra so I could wash my medical bra. I needed help drying off and getting dressed but I feel good. I'm so happy right now and can't wait to get normal again!

July 2nd Day 3 I feel a better still a little...

July 2nd Day 3

I feel a better still a little tight and not too sure what my limits are so I'm sort of restricting myself. I pooped for the first time early this morning.. looking forward to many more. My body is really tense mainly bc of me. I've been taking shower and my SO has been helping me when I need it.

I'm actually headed to work this morning, moving slow but on my way. Honestly, I can't see the difference yet but I'm still in the medical bra and have self restricted mobility.

I've been getting a little frustrated lately I think bc my SO has kinda been getting on my nerves a bit and I can't really hug my kids as much. I really miss human contact... lol cuddling, hugging and body touches... oh yea and sex.. my goodness when can I have sex..lol j/k.

Over all this has been an amazing experience, I schedule my f/u apt later today soI will keep updating.

If you ladies have any questions let me know :)

July 3rd Day 4-mini update Not sure if it's in...

July 3rd Day 4-mini update

Not sure if it's in my head but I have no discomfort at all, is this normal? I've been doing the exercises like my dr requested and I've notices no irritating pain or feeling of engorgement. My sleeping patterns are still not normal but I feel great as of 1:51a lol.. let's see if that changes when I officially get up.

6/3 @ 10:01a- I feel great this morning, I even...

6/3 @ 10:01a- I feel great this morning, I even went for a short drive. Only complaint is that I started my period today.

Other thank that my new boobs and I are getting rather cozy! I can't wait to see my dr and hopefully get good news on my recovery :)

7/5- Update Today I had my follow up...

7/5- Update

Today I had my follow up appointment, everything looks good and going smooth.

I have 480cc in my right and 450cc in my left. I have very little swelling which was good. My discomfort is starting to get easier to deal with and I'm sleeping more through the night. Pooping is still the challenge, I got some laxative already so I hope they work good. I love the way they look and I will post more pictures tomorrow :)

Driving is better today and I had a vey good work day.

Well that's a wrap :) Night all.

7/6- 1 week w/ boobies: this morning I feel so...

7/6- 1 week w/ boobies: this morning I feel so good, no soreness nothing. I finally pooped again and hoping for many more today. I'm still pretty bloated but it's starting to get better. I'm moving a bit faster and smother, no longer like a robot :)

I slept great, no need for any kind of pain meds :) As promised here are some more pics. In 2 weeks I get the tape taken off, until then I will continue to update.

- I tried to pst pix but they keep posting upside...

- I tried to pst pix but they keep posting upside down so I will need to post them later... headed to work :)

7/9 Update- 1 week 3day I feel great, I can...

7/9 Update- 1 week 3day

I feel great, I can hug my babies, I can get dressed with little to no problem and I can walk and sit up straight without feeling uncomfortable. This is amazing, but boobs are awesome. My left one is softer and more giggly than my right but I think with time the right one will get with the program. I can't wait to wear a normal bra again and get the little strips off.

July 16th 17 days :) I feel awesome, and...

July 16th
17 days :)

I feel awesome, and adjusting to my nubies great. I found a comfortable sports bra that fits nice and is pretty universal with my clothing. I will start working out this week on the elliptical and looking forward to toning up the rest of my body. I go back to the dr.'s on the 23rd to get the strips off and I will post more pictures then.

Honestly this experience has been amazing and very self gratifying.

I love this site and all of the stories!
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I was referred to Dr. Togba by a close friend who is still super happy about her results :)

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