3 Tips to consider before plastic surgery


Have you always wanted a tummy tuck after having your children or breast augmentation before the summer?  Or maybe you want to have a facelift before you turn __?  If you’ve thought about having a plastic surgery procedure, but not sure where to begin; here are 3 tips to consider.


1.         Is your doctor a board certified plastic surgeon with at least a few years of experience in plastic surgery?  Many plastic surgeons are board certified in plastic surgery and general surgery.  Make sure the doctor you choose has performed a high number of cosmetic procedures. 


2.         Are you healthy or without significant health problems?  If you have diabetes or high blood pressure that is under control, you may still be a good candidate for surgery.  Consult your primary care physician and your plastic surgeon.


3.         Are you at your goal weight before surgery or a weight that feels comfortable to you?  For a body contouring procedure, (Tummy Tuck or Liposuction) getting to your goal weight before surgery may ensure the best results.  However, losing weight after a facelift may change your results.  It is best to consult with your plastic surgeon.

Written by:  Melody Marigny, Patient Counselor


Article by
Oakland Plastic Surgeon