Better Sex Through Gynecomastia Surgery


It’s not a joke—it’s pretty clear that embarrassment can hold gynecomastia sufferers back in many settings: the beach, the gym, the golf course…and the bedroom.Our patients share these feelings with us from time to time, and we read similar thoughts guys post in online forums.

In fact, one forum member recently published a list of the things he looks forward to doing after having male breast reduction surgery.That list included “having sex with the lights on.”He also talked about how it will feel to have his wife place a hand on his chest without pulling away from her, and the freedom to hug people without trying to keep them at arm’s length.

When finished with his list, this man commented, “It all seems small…”

Well, yes and no.We understand what he’s driving at—that each entry on his list may seem like a tiny part of the overall picture.But these small items are layered with meaning.

Having sex with the lights on and allowing people to get close enough to feel your chest is not just about physical pleasure.This kind of intimacy with others brings people closer and helps relationships blossom.What’s more fundamental to human existence than making meaningful connections with each other?

This same gynecomastia patient also mentioned that he looks forward to wearing an appropriate golf shirt on the links on a hot day, putting on a tank top for exercising and going swimming with his family.More little items on the “to do” list, maybe; then again this man may feel inspired to work out in more ways and more often than before.Our own male breast reduction patients tell us how surgery motivates them to step up their fitness activities, and we are pleased we have played a part in this change.

One more item stood out on this man’s list: he said he looks forward to seeing his chest in the mirror after a shower instead of putting on a shirt as quickly as possible to avoid catching a glimpse.In our view, one of the most powerful aspects of gynecomastia surgery is its ability to boost a guy’s self image.It really is the bottom line.Even if men with moobs develop fitness strategies that avoid causing shame, even if guys find ways to be intimate with others, when a man is unable to look at his own body, that’s simply not healthy.

We don’t mean to suggest that electing male breast reduction surgery is a slam-dunk decision every man with gynecomastia should come to.There’s expense to handle, and insurance coverage is next to impossible to secure.There’s a recovery process to plan for: initial recovery of a couple weeks, then a few more weeks of lighter than normal activity, then a few months for all swelling to dissipate and results to become final.And there is a small amount of risk involved.As is the case with many life decisions, there are pros and cons to be weighed.Some men ultimately conclude that they can embrace their moobs and do just fine without surgery.

We’ve learned a great deal from working with thousands of male patients over thirty years.One of those things is that when men choose male breast reduction surgery, it has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with self-esteem.For the right man, the procedure can be life changing.That’s why we encourage every guy who feels his life is less than it could be because of enlarged breasts to have a consultation with a very experienced plastic surgeon.No matter what decision the patient makes, he will be better equipped for the road ahead.
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