It used to be that plastic surgeons of my age used to work on a face, pull the skin tight, take out the fat and say, "Viola! Hey, you are rejuvenated. You are youthful." Well, that's not true. What we've learned is that it's more than just removing fat.

Fact is we are putting fat back in but in the right places. You can't just put it all over the face but you wanna rejuvenate cheek hollows. You wanna rejuvenate hollows of the temple. There is a wonderful place where fat rejuvenation would work which is what we call the pre-jowl sulcus. What that does is to restore a smooth jaw line rather than having those deep indentations here. What we're doing now in a facelift is not only fixing up the volume of the face but also doing a two-layer facelift, pulling back the muscles and what I call a two vector facelift in which I do a mid-facelift pulling straight up and a side-of-the-face facelift which pulls it up and back.

Facial Rejuvenation Is More Than Fat Removal

Rejuvenating a face nowadays means so much more than fat removal and a tug at the skin. Dr. Elliot Jacobs describes what is involved in facelifts today and how the procedure has changed to produce far more natural results than in previous years.