The Gift of Plastic Surgery? Is That Acceptable?


You may have heard of cosmetic surgery being given as a gift in the past. Perhaps a husband gave his wife a breast augmentation for Christmas or a rhinoplasty for Mother’s Day? At first glance, this may seem inappropriate, but why when many receive gift certificates to other establishments like spas, restaurants and stores?

The reason is that it’s a little more complicated than it seems at first.  Most plastic surgeons draw the line at a consultation as the only reasonable plastic surgery gift. However, if the doctor and patient agree that a procedure is reasonable, and the patient desires the procedure, then certainly the patient can have a third party pay for it. At that point, there are only financial obligations, not ethical issues.

Note to the men out there. Don’t surprise your significant other with a nose job that she has never mentioned before or isn’t on board with. You might end up in the dog house. Send her to the spa instead.

Article by
Troy Plastic Surgeon