53 Just Had Permalip Implant - New Troy, MI

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I admit it. I could easily be a plastic surgery...

I admit it. I could easily be a plastic surgery addict. I had my nose done 20 years ago. I had breast implants when I turned 40, and last year I finally got my tummy tuck after 4 kids who were all huge babies. I've always wanted plump lips. My lips are decent size but they are rather flat. I got juvederm in September and loved it. I could just apply gloss instead of doing the whole lip liner faking it out thing. I knew this was something I wanted to last so I did the research and decided to go for the permanent option. I came into some extra money so I took the plunge. The dental block was horrific, hurt like hell! I couldn't feel anything but tugging but now, a few hours later it hurts. I took a percocet, it still hurts though! I will check back in tomorrow. I'm pretty bruised but the swelling isn't too bad.

Day 2 pretty swollen

Day after, much more swollen today. I've been eating those squeeze pouch fruit and veggie things. Still painful but not as bad as last night. Didn't go out today, wouldn't have been able too! Look pretty bad.

Another pic from day 2

Just took this one, 27 hours post - op.

A few more from day 2

48 hours post-op permalip

Hi, it's been 48 hours now. Still painful and still very swollen. How long does it usually take? It seems like I've read that most feel almost normal by now. Anyone have any input.

day 3

Hi, it is now 3 days after surgery. Still tenderness and soreness. I don't think my lips are quite as swollen today but I notice a yellowish bruise around my mouth. In some angles I worry that they aren't going to look even. I hope it's just because they haven't settled. I also hope they don't deflate too much, I want there to be a difference. I've always been torn on the plastic surgery thing about being upset if no one notices and doctors saying a good job is when people don't automatically know! I've sent updated pics.

1 week

Hi, it's been one week today. Swelling subsided, easier to move lips. I'm going back to work tomorrow. I'll have to hope makeup covers the bruising. It's hard to see in the picture because of the pattern of bruising, you can't really see the actual shape of my lips. I think they will look better after a bit more time. I'm surprised I had so much bruising because I've never gotten much from other injections, even though this is more invasive. My lips feel stretched and dry but I'm sure that's normal. So far I have no complaint except for the discomfort that I expected. It's amazing what I've been willing to put myself through and pay the price for my vanity! ;)

back to work

Went back to work today. Had to use makeup to cover bruising. My boss, who I told thought they looked nice, natural. I was concerned this morning because I thought the top looked lopsided and I've read other reviews from people who had similar problems. It seems like I can feel the implant all through the lip so maybe I just still have uneven swelling like the doctor suggested. I guess more time will tell. Will keep updating. They still feel funny, kind of numb and stretched but I had to talk a lot more today!

12 days post

Almost two weeks, I'm liking them!

3 weeks post

It's been three weeks. I think the doctor did everything right, at this point I can't complain. I don't know if they are as big as I had hoped but I tend to want everything over the top! I wish they would make a larger implant. I know the objective of all this stuff is to appear natural, I know I'm body dysmorphic though as I told cherrysweet ????

1 month

It's been 1 month today. I think the doctor did a good job and they look natural but I still wish they were a little "plumper".

1 month

4 months later.

4 months!

Friendly, good bedside manner, kept joking with me. Made me feel comfortable and answered all questions.

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