Syringomas: Diagnosis and Treatment


Syringomas are considered benign growths. They are fairly common lesions more commonly affecting females, and predominantly of cosmetic concern. They are particularly common around the eyes. Lesions first appear around the time of puberty.

Syringomas are non-symptomatic flesh-colored to yellow small dermal papules. They can occasionally appear translucent. The surface is either flat-topped or round, and lesions are typically smaller than 4mm in diameter.

Patients can be reassured as to the benign nature of these lesions and treatment is considered cosmetic. The goal of therapy is scar-free destruction of lesions.

Syringomas can be treated in various ways, with electrodesiccation or ablative laser considered particularly safe and effective. Typically 2-4 treatments are required for a significant reduction in the size and number of syringomas. It is difficult to remove them 100%. As well, some patients will require touch-up treatments in the future as some lesions may recur or new ones develop. Trust only a skin expert to treat your syringomas. I have treated countless patients successfully with syringomas with terrific results and no scarring.

Article by
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon