Surgical Treatment of Female Breast Asymmetry


The female breast like all parts of the body, they have a natural and normal asymmetry. However, when the difference and they shape of the breast, areola, or size is significant and very visible, then surgery may be necessary.


These asymmetries are frequently developmental or may be acquired. These findings often occur with puberty and unfortunately are not always noted by the pediatrician or family physician and therefore the problem is never discussed with this young woman who will often go many years before addressing the problem. The additional category of patients includes congenital disorders such as Poland syndrome and tuberous breast disorder.


A combination of surgical procedures is frequently necessary to manage the patients and disorder. This may include a combination of Breast Reduction, Breast lift, Breast Augmentation, more recently Fat Grafting can also be used to modify the shape or volume of the breast.


— Dr. Jed Horowitz, MD, FACS


Article by
Orange County Plastic Surgeon