Surgical and non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation


 Surgical and Non-surgical Options for Rejuvenation
- Win Pound, M.D.

We spend billions of dollars in this country every year trying to re-capture our youth. Some of the changes we make are permanent and others are only temporary.

I had an older patient in my office the other day looking to improve her appearance. She was concerned about the lines, depressions, and sagging skin in her face. As I reviewed her options, I realized that I was essentially categorizing the possibilities into two areas – non-surgical and surgical options, temporary versus more permanent solutions.

In the past, this patient would have been an excellent candidate for a facelift, browlift, and upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). She would have had a short recovery period with a dramatic improvement that would last for many years.

With improvements in skin care products, Botox, and fillers, she can now get a very nice result immediately with essentially no down time. The results may not last as long as surgery and the costs may eventually add up to more than the surgery, but there is very little interference to her daily life. She won't have to take time out from her routine. Additionally, there are now newer fillers on the market such as Voluma and Bellafil that will last several years.

The trend these days is away from surgical options and more towards the non-surgical. While a dermatologist may have experience with the non-surgical side of things, a plastic surgeon has experience in both surgical and non-surgical procedures and can give a more comprehensive assessment.

In our office, we have extensive training in surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve and enhance a patient's appearance. We invite you to visit us so that we can give you a free consultation and assessment.

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