Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Revision


Given that that 20 to 25 percent of rhinoplasties do not work out, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), what options are open to patients?

For some unhappy patients,  revision rhinoplasty – doing a nose job over again- means another operation, along with added expenses, time away from work and family and some inconvenience for everybody.

But in many cases where no surgery is required on structures inside the nose, the appearance of your nose can be rescued without surgery, using only a needle and popular facial fillers.

If, after an unsatisfactory rhinoplasty, your nose is left with bumps or rises, the unsightly marks can be permanently flattened by cortisone injections under the skin.
Depressions in the nose? They can be permanently filled with Silikon 1000, a liquid medical-grade silicone.

Regardless what substance is used, any nonsurgical procedure on the nose requires only seconds and far less expense than surgery.  And don’t let the needle put you off; pain isn’t an issue, thanks topical anesthetics.
Non-permanent fillers include the ever popular Juvederm and Restylane but that means more trips back to the surgeon in six months to a year maintain the look of the nose. Repairing the damage to the nose with Silikon 1000 is permanent.

You can even get a preview what a filling injection to the nose will look like. Using sterile saline, injections just under the skin plump up depressed areas within 20 minutes. Of course, the saline only lasts an hour, but that’s long enough to take a picture of the improved nose.

If you go ahead, you:

• Avoid another trip to the OR
• Experience no downtime and
• Suffer far less damage to the purse or wallet

Plus, with mirror in hand, you can participate in the surgeon’s work and suggest where you want more.

Is silicone safe in the nose? Fifty years of science and testing has shown that Silikon 1000 works best in injections of tiny micro-droplets.  Substantial science reported in plastic surgery journals shows the best course of action is injecting the Silikon, little by little, in sessions separated by several months. It works because the body walls off the tiny droplets and fills up a space, a divot or other mark on the nose.

But most importantly, you decide when the improved appearance satisfies you. You're in charge.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can raise the bridge of nose, fill in divots and make a twisted or crooked nose appear straight and hide scars. Many primary rhinoplasties are muffed because the nose has been overdone with too much bone and tissue has been removed; non-surgical rhinoplasty can also help with that situations.

While you will  return in several months for another round of injections, non-surgical rhinoplasty is done in the doctor’s office in less than half an hour. Moreover, you can go back to work, regardless of the type work you do.

After nonsurgical revision nasal surgery, the results are very much like what you may see in primary nasal surgery and render your nose more compatible with your other facial features. Such a nose looks natural and not “done." Nobody will guess you had nasal surgery.

Still not convinced? Fair enough, but read how 83 percent of readers (based on 26 reviews) said that Silikon 1000 was worth it while reporting non-surgical rhinoplasty average cost of cosmetic treatment. Compare that figure to the cost of a full rhinoplasty!

Article by
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon