How Stress Affects Your Skin


It’s no wonder our skin looks more stressed than ever

Aug 25, 2009 Karen Kwan


It feels like you’re working your derriere off, but what do you have to show for it? An oil slick on your face that’s about as greasy as the fast food you’ve been eating at your desk. While a lot of the evidence on whether stress affects your skin is anecdotal, Dr. Benjamin Barankin of The Dermatology Centre in Toronto states, “It’s safe to say most dermatologists routinely observe patients whose skin conditions flare during times of stress.” And there’s no denying the giant zit that makes an appearance on your face when you’re more stressed out than ever. But here’s the surprising news: stress can also affect your skin’s texture and tone—and even cause premature wrinkles. We checked in with leading dermatologists for tips, tricks and treatments to help get your stressed-out skin back to its clean-and-clear glory days.

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Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon