Spotlight: Dr. Dennis Gross & Ultrashape


The UltraShape V3 works to permanently eliminate 2-to-3 inches of ‘pinchable’ body fat from those hard-to-smooth areas by using non-thermal ultrasound technology.

More specifically (and scientifically), it works by using ultrasonic energy to target fat at a controlled depth. The ultrasound technology shakes the fat cells at such a fast rate that they break apart, and then the fat disintegrates and becomes filtrated through the liver.
What that means is that it can literally kill fat cells and reduce areas of extra padding that even exercise just can’t banish. The best part is that this is a completely painless treatment that involves zero downtime. Compared to other fat-blasting treatments in its class there is no associated burning, bruising, swelling, or discomfort with the UltraShape V3, and it only takes 10 days for your body to process the fat and for you to see results (as opposed to 2-to-4 months with comparable treatments).

Article by
New York Dermatologist