Silicone lips--- To Be or Not To Be


Silicone has been used for centuries in all parts of the body. The quest for beauty has led many to enhance their lips with silicone. The immediate results are spectacular. You can achieve precise increase in volume, shape, and fullness that is hard to achieve with any other filler. So, is there a problem………… YES! A big YES.

As the lip ages, some of the silicone and silicone related granulomas move due to changes in collagen, lip muscle movements, and increasing scar tissue build up. The same beautiful voluptuous lips start looking deflated. I can best describe it as a ‘deflated sausage’ with multiple little bulging loose mucosal areas. This can take years to happen. Once this happens then it is very difficult to fix the problem. The only way to fix it is to excise the excess mucosa and try to account for the asymmetries. Then hopefully you can achieve a smooth lip without any bumps and irregularities.

I have been quite fortunate in being able to help some people with these lip issues. I made a video of the actual procedure on one of my patients and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Low and behold, a woman from Cancun, Mexico discovered the video. She was ecstatic as she was not sure if there was a good treatment available for her problem. She contacted my practice through our website and set up a Skype consultation. Her name is Josefina and she is a very smart, well-educated and kind lady whose father happens to be a retired Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. This enabled her to evaluate all of her options before deciding to choose a surgeon for herself. Once she had a face to face consultation with me, she felt reassured and made plans to travel to my practice here in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Her trip was a smooth journey. She underwent the procedure with some mild sedation and local anesthesia and was able to travel back to Mexico soon after. She stayed in touch with me afterwards and the progressive change in her upper lip was amazing. Finally, she emailed me a photo when the healing was complete. Josefina looked spectacular with a beautiful upper lip. The only noticeable thing was the lower lip that still needs to be done. Josefina is planning her next trip back to New Jersey in the near future.

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Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon