It's all in the eyes…


This simple procedure will lighten and brighten, not only the windows to your soul, but also the way you feel…

The eyes are the dominant feature of the face and play a major role in how attractive the face is viewed, as well as mood and character.

The upper and lower eyelids are greatly affected by ageing in both men and women, however can be simply rejuvenated with a procedure called Blepharoplasty which results in a more youthful and rested appearance.


The most common concern among both men and women with their upper eyelids is excessive skin. This can make the face seem older and tired and the extra weight can also cause tired eyes and even headaches. In some cases, excess skin of the upper eyelids can even impair vision when it folds over the eyelashes.

This excess skin and fat around the eyes may be corrected through upper eyelid surgery. This procedure is performed through an incision that is hidden in the upper eyelid crease. Excess skin and sometimes a small amount of fat will be removed to restore the original contour to the upper eyelids.

While some patients require only rejuvenation of the upper eyelids, this procedure may be performed as a ‘double’ blepharoplasty to correct both the lower and upper eyelids for total rejuvenation of the eyes.

Another issue to consider is that ‘heaviness’ of the upper eyelids is not always only due to excess eyelid skin. Sometime the eyebrows have descended, contributing to the aged appearance of the upper eyelids. In this case a browlift may be recommended for ideal rejuvenation of the eyelid area.


Lower eyelid surgery treats the lower eyelids, and it may be performed with several techniques depending on the cause of the puffiness below the eyes.

The lower eyelids may develop pouching or puffiness when fat under the eyes bulges, which may be due to weakening of the supporting structures under the eyelids. This is often responsible for the under-eye bags that can develop with age.

Article by
Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon